Proportional valves

Proportional directional valves

Proportional directional valves are used in pneumatics and hydraulics to release or block the flow for compressed air or hydraulic fluid or to change the flow direction. They are usually indispensable final control elements in servo-pneumatic positioning systems.


The Festo proportional directional valve MPYE is a controlled piston spool valve that can be actuated in analogue mode. It has a position-controlled spool and can be combined with a position controller and a displacement encoder to create a precise pneumatic positioning system. Thanks to the throttle function for varying the cylinder speed and a 5/3-way function for varying the direction of movement, you can customise the MPYE to suit your needs. This proportional directional valve has flow rates of 100...2000 l/min.

Proportional directional control valve MPYE


The proportional directional valve VPWP is also a controlled piston spool valve, but it is controlled digitally, not by analogue actuation. Characteristic of the VPWP are the integrated pressure sensors, which have a monitoring function and reliably ensure correct force control. Additional features are auto-identification, the diagnostic function and an integrated digital output for a clamping or brake unit, for example. In servo-pneumatic applications, the VPWP is almost universally used with an axis controller CPX-CMAX and an end-position controller CPX-CMPX.

Proportional directional control valve VPWP


The proportional directional valve VPWS is our compact and powerful new development. The VPWS is an extremely lightweight 15 mm cartridge valve with a large flow rate. As a directly controlled poppet valve, the VPWS regulates gas flows safely and precisely, whether it's oxygen, carbon dioxide, air, nitrous oxide or inert. Please note, however, that the VPWS does not include redundancy and error detection. The VPWS is mounted on a sub-base.

Proportional directional control valve VPWS