Servo-pneumatic controllers

Axis controllers from Festo

Axis controllers are controllers designed to manage complex movements in industrial plants. Festo has three servo-pneumatic axis controllers in its product range.

Axis controller CPX-CMAX-C1-1CPX-CMAX

The position and force control of Festo axis controller CPX-CMAX-C1-1 is carried out either directly or from one of the 128 configurable positioning records. Simple function sequences are uncomplicated to realise thanks to the configurable record sequencing. The auto-identification of the controller recognises each user with their respective unit data, saving time and effort during commissioning. The control of a brake or clamping unit via proportional directional control valve VPWP is also part of the performance of the CPX-CMAX-C1-1. In addition, up to 8 modules (maximum 8 axes) can be operated in parallel and completely independently of each other. The commissioning itself takes place either via the Festo configuration software FCT (Festo Configuration Tool) or via fieldbus. Axis controller CPX-CMAX-C1-1 increases flexibility, is cost-effective and extremely OEM-friendly.

Axis controller CPX-CMAX

End-position controller CPX-CMPX-C-1-H1

End-position controller CPX-CMPX-C-1-H1 enables fast travel between the mechanical end stops of the cylinder and ensures smooth motion into the end position without impact. Controlling a brake or clamping unit via proportional directional control valve VPWP is an integral part of the CPX-CMPX-C-1-H1. With the CPX , up to 9 end-position controllers can be controlled, while – system data can be read and written via the fieldbus. As an axis controller, the CPX-CMPX-C-1-H1 is extremely cost-effective, as it achieves up to 30% more cycles and significantly increases working conditions thanks to the massively reduced noise level. Commissioning is quick and uncomplicated via the control panel, fieldbus or handheld device.

End-position controller CPX-CMPX

End-position controller SPC11

Festo end-position controller SPC11 can be used with pneumatic piston rod, rodless and rotary drives. Compared to electromechanical drives, it is the more cost-effective alternative. It enables fast travel between two fixed stops with electronic end-position cushioning and up to two freely selectable intermediate positions. When using the SPC11, the vibrations in the system will be significantly lower, thus making a positive contribution to the maintenance of your application. Other features include a low noise level, up to 30% more cycles and the option of load change.

Commissioning the SPC11 end-position controller is quick and easy – you don't need a specialist to do this.

End-position controller SPC11