Further product information and documents

1. Identify the product

Product Key

Identify the Product Key, part number or order code using the product label.

Find documents using the Product Key
The Product Key is a unique 11-character alphanumeric code on the product label that identifies a specific product. By entering the Product Key you can retrieve all available documents for the product.

Find documents using the data matrix code
If the product label also includes a data matrix code, this contains a direct link to the mobile Support Portal including the Product Key. You can access the required documents directly by scanning the code using a suitable app.

Find documents using the part number or order code
By entering the part number or order code in the search function, the documents for all product versions can be retrieved.

2. Search for product

Search bar screenshot

1. Enter the Product Key, part number or order code in the main search bar.
2. Then select the required product variant, if necessary.
3. The product details page is displayed.

3. Display user documentation on the product details page

Support Portal details page

1. Select the "Support/Downloads" tab in the navigation bar below the page with the product details.

2. Just as before on the "Support Portal" on our old website, you will now find the tab navigation on the left-hand side with six tabs:

  • Product information: e.g. product information, catalogues, brochures
  • User documentation: e.g. manuals, operating instructions, assembly instructions
  • Certificates: e.g. declarations of conformity, certificates, manufacturer’s declarations
  • Software: e.g. software for commissioning, configuration files, modules for programming
  • Expert knowledge: application notes and links to our "Service2See" videos (e.g. audio-visual repair instructions)
  • Training: training courses

3. Click on the filter symbol to filter according to the type of documentation.

4. Detailed view showing "User documentation" as an example

Detailed view of user documentation

1. If you would like to open or download a specific document, simply click on the arrow on the right-hand side of the relevant row and expand the information.

2. All the versions and languages that are available for the required document are displayed within the user documentation tab. The required file can be downloaded by clicking on the relevant version.

For other tabs within the Support/Download area, documents can be downloaded by clicking on the download button:

Support Portal software screenshot