Digital engineering tools

Are you wondering whether digitalisation offers opportunities for simplifying your design and sizing process? Of course! With our online engineering tools, you can design your solution easily and reliably, select exactly the right components or run calculations, regardless of your level of expertise. Take a look at our overview now and find the right tool to make your day-to-day work easier.


Pneumatic sizing / Calculate the optimum pneumatic control chain.

Electric Motion Sizing / Find the optimally designed combination of electric or electromechanical drive components for your application.

Simplified Motion Series – Solution Finder/ Combine the simplicity of pneumatics with the advantages of electric automation.

CO2 values and TCO Guide / Simple comparison of electric and pneumatic solutions.

Vacuum design / Find the right solution for your vacuum application.

Shock absorber selection / Select the right shock absorber for your application.

Gripper dimensioning / Find the right gripper for your application.

Three-point gripper / Find the right three-point gripper for your application.

Angle gripper / Find the right angle gripper in the right size.

Radial gripper / Find the right radial gripper in the right size.

Handling Guide Online / Configure the right industrial robot quickly and easily, from single-axis solutions to 3D gantries.

Check self-adjusting cushioning PPS / Get an estimate of the functionality of your cylinder with self-adjusting cushioning.

Rotary indexing table sizing / Select the right rotary indexing table for your application.

Service unit sizing / Select the right service unit for your application.

Feed separator / Choose the right feed separator your application.


Flow rate calculation / Test the flow characteristics of your circuit.

Media resistance / Your questions about media resistance are answered here.

Mass moment of inertia calculation / This tool calculates all mass moments of inertia for you.

Cylinder air consumption calculation / Determine the air consumption of your system quickly and easily.


Configurator for quarter turn actuator units KDFP-DFPD / Use this configurator to select your specific quarter turn actuator units.

Configurator for butterfly valve units KVZA/ Configure butterfly valve units in the wafer or lug variants.

Configurator for ball valve units KVZB / Configure ball valves with threaded, flange or tri clamp connection types.


Connectivity Finder / Find the optimum way to connect a Festo solution to your preferred controller.

Pneumatic simulation / This helps you to select and configure the entire pneumatic control sequence.


FluidDraw / Quickly and easily create electrical and pneumatic circuit diagrams.

EPLAN Schematic Solution / Schematic Solution documents your project in just a few clicks so it confirms to standards.

Festo Design Tool 3D / Create Festo-specific CAD product combinations.

Festo PARTdataManager / Reduced workload thanks to 2D/3D CAD data for more than 33,000 products.

PA Toolkit / Easy process programming and visualisation.


Spare parts catalogue / Find the right spare parts online.

QuickSearchPlus / Quickly and efficiently obtain all the information you need for a product.


Festo Automation Suite / Application for parameterisation, programming, and maintenance.

Festo Configuration Tool / Configuration and commissioning software for the motor controller CMMS-ST.

Festo Maintenance Tool / Tool for commissioning, configuration, and advanced diagnostics of a valve terminal CPX.


Festo Energy Saving Services Portal / Take advantage of our Energy Saving Services Portal

Repair service / Repair for longer service life