Functional safety when using electrolysers

In a world that is increasingly focusing on sustainable and efficient energy sources, electrolysers play a crucial role. These systems, which split water into hydrogen and oxygen, are key components in numerous industries, from power generation to chemical processing. However, this essential technology also poses significant challenges, especially in the area of safety.

Producing hydrogen and dealing with the high voltages that this requires, demands not only technical expertise, but also an exceptional awareness of safety. Added to this is the complexity of the systems that you need to operate safely and reliably in various environments. You need to ensure the performance and reliability of this innovative technology and minimise risks. Which is why functional safety is a crucial factor for you. The right architectural concepts adapted to the requirements of the system and suitable solutions, for instance in the area of control cabinets, play a central role in the safety of the system. Your system must also function reliably in the event of malfunctions or faults. A portfolio that fulfils the key standards and SIL certifications therefore makes a significant contribution.

Impact on industry and the environment

The safe and efficient operation of electrolysers also has a positive impact on the environment. By avoiding accidents, such as the uncontrolled escape of hydrogen, you minimise environmental damage, and increase your output at the same time. Poor system condition usually goes hand in hand with increased energy consumption, while production downtimes increase your costs. However, long-term, trouble-free utilisation of the electrolysers contributes to the economical use of resources.

Investment in future viability

A comprehensive understanding and careful implementation of functional safety are therefore essential. To achieve that, safety measures need to be continuously evaluated and monitored, operating staff should be regularly trained, and technical systems and environmental conditions have to be constantly monitored. We are your partner in this dynamic process of functional safety. By taking a proactive and conscious approach, we can meet the challenges of modern industry together and fully utilise the potential of electrolysis technology.


The importance of functional safety in the world of electrolysers cannot be emphasised enough. It is the foundation on which safe, efficient and environmentally friendly industrial processes are built. A large number of factors, from technical reliability and environmental conditions to human operators, influence the functional safety of these complex systems. If these aspects are neglected, there is a risk that productivity may be lost, financial losses may be sustained, and serious damage may be done to the environment.

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