Media separated solenoid valve VYKA

With a width of just 7 mm (NW 1.2 mm), VYKA controls very small volumes of fluid (µl, ml) with high precision, even aggressive fluids. The holding current reduction of the plug-in E-box VAVE prevents heating of sensitive media.
  • Compact width of 7 mm
  • Maximum performance and precision in the smallest of spaces
  • High flow rate with small size
  • Very easy to clean thanks to media separation
  • Low media consumption thanks to small internal volume
  • FDA-listed materials
  • High-quality materials, therefore also suitable for aggressive media
  • High repetition accuracy, switching frequency and precision, therefore also suitable for extremely small volumes and dosing tasks
  • Very flexible in use thanks to 3/2-way and 2/2-way variants as well as 12 ... 26 V DC control
  • Optionally with slide-on E-box VAVE-K1 with holding current reduction as accessory
  • Developed according to ISO 13485
  • Sustainable operation thanks to efficient control and active air shut-off
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Extremely precise

With a width of just 7 mm, the VYKA doses very small quantities of liquid very precisely. Thanks to the use of a separating diaphragm made of high-performance polymers, it is also suitable for aggressive media. The low internal volume makes the valve easy to clean, while the combination with FDA-listed materials makes the VYKA ideal for very sensitive applications. The current control ensures maximum reproducibility of the switching behaviour. What’s more, the holding current reduction of the plug-in electronic connecting component prevents sensitive media from heating up.

Dosing, aspirating or continuous flow with our media-separated valves

Maximum performance density

The valve can easily handle pressures of up to 2 bar and Kv values of up to 350 ml/min. The small grid dimensions also make it suitable for a wide range of applications, such as with microwell plates.

Reliable and safe media separation

The high-performance polymers FKM and FFKM used for the separating diaphragms can withstand even aggressive media, protect the interior of the valves and simultaneously prevent corrosion. Their low internal volume makes the valves very easy to clean, which is ideal especially for sensitive applications.

Extremely flexible

With the VYKA, the 12 … 26 V DC actuation of the plug-in electronic connecting component (E-box) VAVE-K1 or the valve control module VAEM reduces the holding current.

Product-specific accessories and spare parts

  • Various connection options
    - Electronic connecting component VAVE-K1 with holding current reduction
    - Connecting cables NEBV-Q7

  • PEEK connection module VABS-K1
    - M5
    - UNF1/4-28

  • Electrical connecting cable NEBV-Q7
    - 0.1 m
    - 0.5 m

  • Precise valve actuation with holding current reduction
    - 1-way (VAVE-K1)
    - 8-way (8x NEBV + VAEM)

Festo elevator pitch: media-separated solenoid valve VYKA