Proportional directional control valve VPWS

The proportional solenoid valve VPWS is a lightweight, compact, high-performance 15 mm cartridge valve with a high flow rate. It regulates gas flows reliably and precisely, whether with oxygen, carbon oxide, air, nitrous oxide, or inert gases.
  • Directly actuated poppet valve
  • Operating medium: air, oxygen, inert gases
  • Extremely small and lightweight
  • Compact and cost-effective
  • Mounting: on sub-base
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210 l/min at 2 bar

This lightweight cartridge valve is compact at just 15 mm and has a large flow rate of up to 210 l/min at 2 bar. The compact design and high flow rate of the proportional solenoid valve VPWS make it the optimal choice for use in medical technology. It is also suitable for other application areas and industry segments in which gas flows of 5 l/min to 270 l/min have to be regulated.

Safer and more accurate

The VPWS regulates gas flows, whether oxygen, carbon dioxide, air, nitrogen dioxide or inert gases, safely and precisely. This applies not only to medical technology, but also to applications in the electronics and semiconductor industries and the biotech and pharmaceutical industries.

Ideal for ventilator breathing devices

The proportional valve VPWS shows its strengths in medical ventilators and anaesthesia systems, for example for adding oxygen to air to ventilate a patient. But it can also be used in laparoscopy and colonoscopy systems for dosing carbon dioxide, air and other inert gases.

Flow rate always under control

In dentist’s drills or other compressed-air-driven operating instruments, the VPWS regulates the flow of air reliably and precisely.