Ecological innovation

Protecting the climate and conserving resources are becoming urgent tasks. How can we save energy and reduce CO2 emissions? How can we reduce our consumption of materials, recycle more and find alternative materials?

The objective is to create new approaches and solutions for automation and the transformation towards a circular economy. Economists have been predicting the end of linear growth for some time. Further development towards a circular economy is the next big goal, as it offers new growth potential. And nature is an excellent role model in this regard, because it knows no waste. For Festo, integrating biology as a basis for ongoing development in automation is particularly promising. It can be used to make a biological cell into the smallest factory of the future. Tests with algae as small climate saviours are already yielding extremely promising results.

Portrait of Dr Elias Knubben

"CO2absorption using algae and technology from Festo. In 2022, people were really fascinated by our bioreactor. In this TechTalk, I'll show you for the first time how we developed it."

Dr Elias Knubben
Head of Corporate Research and Innovation

Portrait of Julia Bikidis

"Climate protection is becoming a decisive purchasing criterion. Our customers can reduce carbon emissions and save energy even more efficiently with our products and the use of AI. I'll show you how it's done."

Julia Bikidis
Portfolio Manager for CO2Reduction

Portrait of Marcus Stemler

"With Controlled Pneumatics, we are taking pneumatics and energy efficiency to a whole new level. I look forward to showing you some of our best practices."

Marcus Stemler
Product Manager Controlled Pneumatics

Portrait of Christine Marie von der Ohe

"Automation of agriculture has great potential to make society more sustainable. I will show you how, for example, managing arable land can be made much more sustainable thanks to digitalisation."

Christine Marie von der Ohe
Expert in Controlled Environmental Agriculture

Experience ecological innovation in the Festo TechTalk2023

April 2023