Make some room!

Smaller packaging machines thanks to CPX/MPA

With the “Breakthrough Generation of Machines” from Italian packaging machine manufacturer Cama, manufacturers of consumer packaged goods and pharmaceuticals are experiencing a completely new feeling of space in their factories.The new machines from Cama take up one third less space—thanks to the valve manifold concept CPX/MPA.

The machines of the “Breakthrough Generation” create space in factory buildings and provide new prospects for growth—both for us and for our customers,” said Riccardo Panepinto, Operations Manager with Cama Group in Italy. This opens up completely new horizons for manufacturers of consumer packaged goods when it comes to the layout of their production lines, as they now have more flexibility to integrate other plant components into the production line. One characteristic feature of conventional machines is the large control cabinet outside the machine. The controllers within that cabinet are connected to the drives, sensors and valves by a multiplicity of cables and lengths of tubing several feet long.

More compact machines
With the “Breakthrough Generation” Cama completely redesigned its machines. This made it possible to reduce the amount of space required by the machines. The control cabinets containing the electrical and pneumatic components are integrated inside the corners of the machine pedestal. The compact machine footprint helps to minimize cabling and makes it easier to place the necessary modules and components right where they are needed. This makes them easier to access. The core product of this design is the Festo valve manifold CPX/MPA with IP65 protection.
“The valve manifolds with CPX and fieldbus considerably reduce the amount of wiring and tubing required and thus the space required by our machines,” explained Panepinto. CPX links the pneumatic and electrical control chains and connects them simply, quickly, flexibly, and seamlessly to any automation concept and in accordance with any company-specific standards. “What's more, the valve manifold offers diagnostic functions. This makes it easy for us to meet the demands of large brand manufacturers, in terms of preventive maintenance, for example,” said the machine builder.

Greater safety

Machine safety was also an important consideration in the new machine generation. The soft-start/quick exhaust valve MS6SV is used to exhaust the system. It provides reliable protection against unexpected start-up and has an exhaust capacity 1.5 times its pressurization capacity.
One of the new “Breakthrough Generation” of machines introduced by Cama is the CL 175, an extremely flexible side-loading cartoner. It has been completely redesigned, in both layout and function. The machine can load flow-wraps, pouches, bags, blisters and other forms of primary packaging into pre-glued cartons.

Clever technology mix

The side-loading unit consists of a handling unit with an electric axis EGC for precise travel to intermediate positions and a pneumatic mini slide DGSL. The EGC helps to reduce assembly times by 30% compared to previous self-made and installed electric axes.
The deliberate use of both pneumatic and electric drive technology allows high precision to be obtained together with a high load capacity.

Cama SpA

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Area of business: Engineering and production of systems and machines for secondary packaging

February 2015