Industrial electrical automation

Would you like easy and seamless connectivity? Integrated into future-proof and compatible concepts? With open platforms, even for Industry 4.0? On your journey to seamless automation of machinery and systems, Festo supports you with mechanical, electric and intelligent automation modules that fit together perfectly and do not impose any technical limitations. Find out in this overview what our portfolio of electric automation products and suitable engineering tools has to offer.

Seamless connectivity

Take advantage of the comprehensive solutions from Festo, which ranges from mechanics, complete servo drive systems, state-of-the-art communication and control concepts to digitalisation with the right cloud solutions and is complemented by innovative software solutions for engineering, configuration and commissioning.

Automating systems in motion, on one integrated platform

You will always have the flexibility you need with Festo because you decide how much you want to automate with us and which of our products you want to use together with your in-house standards, now and in the future.

Mechanical connectivity

Our electromechanical axes and modules leave nothing to be desired when it comes to linear motion, swivelling, gripping or stopping. They can be used for the majority of standard automation tasks in machines and systems, and can be optimally matched with our servo motors or your in-house devices.

Highlights of our mechanical systems

Electrical connectivity

Mechanical systems and control technology are easy to combine with our servo drives and servo motors. Benefit from simple engineering, perfectly matching hardware and complete flexibility thanks to direct integration into virtually any automation environment – not to mention commissioning in just a few steps in the Festo Automation Suite software.

Highlights of our servo drives

Intelligent connectivity

Take advantage of free and diverse communication options as well as complete and direct integration into higher-level control concepts. Make your automation solutions more modular and flexible with uniform, decentralised motion control solutions from Festo that are supported by innovative software solutions.

Highlights of our control range

Seamless connectivity from Festo makes standardisation easy, regardless of which network is used.

Find out in the video (3:05 min.) how easily servo drives and remote IO systems can be operated independently of the network and the selected PLC. It will show you how, after changing and restarting the PLC and the network protocol, the two sample pick and place applications function exactly as before without any additional changes. This is flexibility through standardisation.

Highlights of our electric automation products

Installation and control concepts influence each other. This means that automation architectures must be cleverly networked to achieve seamless connectivity. Hardware and software work together intelligently on the Festo Automation Platform – a perfect and seamless combination of controller, servo drive and mechanics. The wide range of mechanical systems offers a solution for virtually any motion requirement. And the Festo Automation Suite software ensures quick and perfect commissioning of all electric and mechanical hardware components.

Digital engineering tools

With our online engineering tools, you can design your solution easily and reliably, regardless of your level of expertise. This means that you can quickly create the correct configuration, accurately select components, create the necessary documentation and perform the required calculations. And get your solution up and running in just a few steps. Take a look at the overview now and find the right tool to make your day-to-day work easier.

In practice