Compact pneumatic cylinders, short-stroke and flat cylinders

Compact cylinder, short-stroke cylinder, flat cylinder, pneumatic

Compact cylinders, short-stroke cylinders and flat cylinders are pneumatic piston rod cylinders all have the same great advantage: thanks to their compact design, these powerful cylinders can be used in a wide range of applications, even in confined spaces. Compact cylinders are pneumatic cylinders with an installation length that is extremely compact in relation to the stroke length. They are typically used when space is extremely limited and the requirements for lateral loads are low. The compact cylinders belong to the group of directly mounted cylinders and are usually installed without any specific mounting accessories.

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Our single-acting and double-acting compact cylinders are mostly standard cylinders to ISO 21287 and require up to 50% less space than comparable standards-based cylinders to ISO 15552. Short-stroke cylinders start from a stroke of 2.5 mm. These cylinders are quick to react and have an excellent clamping force ratio and high forces with a small size. Our flat cylinders have an extremely flat design, are protected against rotation thanks to the special piston shape (oval piston) and are ideal for block mounting.