Process valves

Pneumatically and mechanically actuated industrial valves and media valves

Festo process and media valves regulate and control liquids and gases and are used in process automation as well as factory automation in numerous applications. These include filling and dispensing, cooling, heating/preheating, lubrication, vapour distribution; as well as in steam boilers, sterilisers and autoclaves, machines for textile processing, filling systems, industrial washing machines and industrial steam presses. They are suitable for viscous media, including contaminated and aggressive liquids (acids), vapour and various gases and vacuum. In addition, Festo offers media valves for LifeTech automation, which are suitable for controlling the smallest quantities of liquids in laboratory and medical devices.

Pneumatically and mechanically actuated process and media valves

Festo offers a wide product range of mechanically and pneumatically actuated industrial valves and media valves, which are mainly used in the process industry to regulate and control processes.

Pinch valves

Thanks to the Festo pinch valve VZQA you can control media flows such as granulates, liquids containing solids, highly viscous and abrasive media even more effectively. The valve is easy to clean, has hardly any flow resistance and has only minimal dead spaces.

  • Modular design
  • Easy-to-clean design
  • Flow direction is freely selectable

Pinch valve VZQA

Ball valves

Pneumatically or manually actuated ball valves can be found not only in process automation processes but also in numerous factory automation processes. Ball valves from Festo are used wherever there is a need for the automated control of media.

Ball valve actuator units

Ball valve actuator units from Festo have the advantage that they are already pre-assembled, so our customers receive the finished unit, which consists of a ball valve and matching actuator. These are combinations of a pneumatic quarter turn actuator and a ball valve. This significantly influences planning, purchasing and commissioning, and saves costs.

Media-separated pneumatic valve VZDB

The media separated pneumatic valve VZDB from Festo is a pneumatically actuated valve and a smart solution for laboratory and medical devices in which electrical signals are to be avoided. In LifeTech automation, the pneumatic valve controls minute quantities of liquid very precisely. Thanks to the use of a separating diaphragm made of high-performance polymers, it is also suitable for aggressive media.

  • High flow rate with small width of just 10 mm
  • Very easy to clean thanks to media separation
  • For dispensing, aspirating and for continuous flow applications
  • Suitable for applications in which electrical signals should be avoided

Media separated pneumatic valve VZDB

FAQs – frequently asked questions clearly answered

What are industrial valves and media valves from Festo used for?

Whether for gases, highly viscous fluids, pastes or granulates, process and media valves from Festo control different fluids in a machine or system for:

  • Cooling and lubrication
  • Cleaning and washing
  • Sterilising
  • Dispensing and mixing

What types of industrial valves and media valves does the Festo product range include?

There is a wide range of industrial valves and media valves that are used in process and industrial automation. The product portfolio from Festo includes the following pneumatically and mechanically actuated process and media valves:

  • Ball valves
  • Angle seat valves
  • Pinch valves
  • Butterfly valves

Is a ball valve a process valve?

A ball valve that is used as a shut-off valve and is inserted into the piping systems to control liquids, gases or pastes, is called a process valve.

Where are Festo ball valves used?

Pneumatically or manually actuated ball valves can be found not only in all process automation processes but also in manufacturing automation processes – wherever media have to be controlled automatically.

How does a ball valve work?

Festo ball valves are industrial valves in which a ball is used as a shut-off element. Festo offers ball valves as individual components or as ready-to-use ball valve actuator units in which the matching pneumatic actuator is already pre-mounted on the ball valve.