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Electric automation
Electric automation 20.8.2019 г. Electric automation without compromise

Put your trust in a partner who has been setting technological standards for decades. Whether in pneumatic or electric automation. And don't expect anything less than a complete package, from mechanical systems to integrated motion control solutions and subsystems.

Decentralised control concepts
Decentralised control concepts 31.7.2019 г.

Installation and control concepts are influencing each other more than ever before, especially as we move towards Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT). It is only through effective interaction between these architectures that modular, flexible and adaptable production concepts with decentralised intelligence, pre-processing, autonomous machines or subsystems, cyber-physical systems – in other words, smart factories – will be successful.

Industry 4.0
Industry 4.0 13.6.2019 г. From vision to reality – Status 2019

Many concepts from the past have been overtaken by the fourth industrial revolution: business models, partnerships, customer interfaces, value chains, and even the traditional automation pyramid – all are undergoing huge change. As an innovator and trendsetter in fieldbus technology, Festo will make a major contribution to reshaping the future with new concepts for Industry 4.0.

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Compact handling system
Compact handling system Flexible handling!

Screwdriving, dispensing, testing, soldering, gripping, opening and closing containers and much more: the compact handling system forms the basis for a wide variety of desktop applications. This well-matched system kit comprising kinematics, controller and software saves you money and reduces your time to market – from development to programming and commissioning.

Assembly YXMx Compact handling system
Assembly YXMx Compact handling system YXMx

Describes the assembly, adjustment and cabling of the compact handling system

23.12.2016 г.
Dispensing – bdtronic GmbH
Dispensing – bdtronic GmbH Detailed user report

Protecting electronics with a compact handling system

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