Firmware Package
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Firmware and PROFINET GSDML data for the servo drive CMMT-AS-...-PN (PROFINET)


New Features:


  • PROFIdrive AC4 (e.g. Tel. 3 & 105) support for Interpolation, PLCopen and TOs (technology objects) 
  • Extended Process Data via Tel. 910
  • Position trigger
  • Touch probe (fast capture inputs)
  • Input shaping
  • Improved auto tuning
  • Velocity override via PROFIdrive (AC3, Tel. 111)


  • Firmware and parameter transfer via CDSB


  • Export of frequencyresponse diagrams


  • Dynamic adjustment of torque limitations


Fixed Bugs:


  • EnDat 2.2 initial communication error
  • Touch probe and position trigger misalignment  
  • Save zero offset to encoder from PLC (absolut multiturn encoder)
  • Handling errors with SinaPos (FB284)
  • Start of the CMMT after STO in conjunction with SinaPos (FB284) only after restart



Supported systems:

  • servo drive CMMT-AS-C2-3A-PN-S1 (5340814)
  • servo drive CMMT-AS-C4-3A-PN-S1 (5340815)
  • servo drive CMMT-AS-C2-11A-P3-PN-S1 (5340816)
  • servo drive CMMT-AS-C3-11A-P3-PN-S1 (5340817)
  • servo drive CMMT-AS-C5-11A-P3-PN-S1 (5340818)
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Firmware Package