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Mastering machinery safety 2
Mastering machinery safety 2

Machinery can be a combination of machines. In this case we are dealing with an Integrated Manufacturing System (IMS). The information about IMS can be found in the harmonised standard EN ISO 11161:2010 Safety of machinery – Integrated manufacturing systems – Basic requirements.

Mastering machinery safety 1
Mastering machinery safety 1

Since December 2009 it is compulsory to use the “new” machinery directive 2006/42/EC. This requirement together with the harmonised standards could translate into a significant change in your organization. Other than several small modifications and additions, the new IIB declaration (referred to as the declaration of incorporation) is also introduced. Technical files and user manuals with information about transportation, installation, commissioning, adjustment, maintenance, disassembly, scraping and recycling must be created and delivered with the partially completed machinery.

Systematic safety improvement in pneumatic systems
Systematic safety improvement in pneumatic systems

Just like good functionality and economic efficiency, safety is essential to the success of any product. What is more, the European directives and standards require intelligent solutions and raise the level of professional skills required. As a result, there is a wide range of different products, information and qualifications for safety engineering. However, most of them focus on the control level. This course familiarises participants with integrated control and pneumatic solutions for the right commissioning, troubleshooting, set-up, maintenance and simple optimisation of a system.

Energy saving in pneumatic systems
Energy saving in pneumatic systems

The issues related to energy saving are becoming more vital each day. In the factories or even in the small workshops, the intelligent use of every energy source and the right sizing and selection of components save significant amounts of cost, time, waste etc. Compressed air is a very important energy source for industrial production. The possibilities to save costs from production to consumption of compressed air are enormous. But everything begins with the attention of the people who work with it. The training course focuses on peoples’ attention of costs and improving the areas of compressed air production, distribution, preparation and the pneumatic circuits. This training especially matches the customers’ training needs who had already received a Festo Energy Saving Service.

Moderne industrielle pneumatik
Moderne industrielle pneumatik


Behandling af trykluft
Opbygning og funktion af pneumatiske og elektropneumatiske komponenter
Symbolik i henhold til ISO1219
Logiske styringer
Sammenligning af pneumatiske, elektropneumatiske og PLC-styrede systemer
Simulering med FluidSIM


Efter endt kursus kan deltageren forstå pneumatiske komponenters opbygning og funktion samt kunne udarbejde dokumentationer for pneumatiske systemer og udforme en fungerende løsning. Med de nyerhvervede kundskaber kan deltagerne løse daglige automationsopgaver. Deltageren vil endvidere besidde kundskaber, som letter den interne kommunikation i virksomheden med hensyn til løsning af pneumatiske problemer.

Teoretisk gennemgang kombineret med en lang række praktiske øvelser, direkte rettet mod daglig brug indenfor industrielle pneumatik.

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