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Concepts and solutions to integrate digitalization in vocationel education

The   challenges associated with Qualification 4.0 are not only developing   expertise and comprehension of flexible and adaptable concepts, but also   developing the ability to effectively manage changes. The goal is to promote   the capability to act independently and purposefully in unfamiliar and complex   situations.




Digitalization involves an unprecedented advancement of human productive powers, as the ongoing digital development of machines and artificial intelligence also compels people to make the appropriate adjustments in their own thinking and actions.

Qualified and specially-trained personnel are becoming a scarce resource for companies and economies – yet they are also the key to success.

As our own know-how keeps pace with the rapidly changing objectives and tasks, the greater is the demand on us to develop new ideas and acquire new abilities, and in this seeming chaos, to be self-organized, interdisciplinary, and collaborative.


Festo Didactic thrives in this environment, offering innovative and robust learning concepts that directly address the new structures in education and training, as well as assist in developing and acquiring qualified trainees. Our learning concepts, or Concept Modules, enable individual customers, working hand-in-hand with Festo Didactic, to prepare customized solutions, positioning themselves as innovative and attractive employers or training institutes.



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