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Electronics and Electrical Engineering
Electronics and Electrical Engineering Learning solutions for basic and advanced training

The guide includes both CE and non-CE products.

FACET® A completely integrated training system for electronics

FACET® and eSeries – A completely integrated system

The FACET® with eSeries training system is a unique combination of

hardware and software, providing a complete learning solution for Electronics training.This modular training system encompasses

four areas of electronics:

  • Basic principles of Electricity and Electronics
  • Digital and Microprocessor Electronics
  • Industrial Electronics
  • Communications
Electrical engineering and Electronics – Everything from a single source
Electrical engineering and Electronics – Everything from a single source

Equipment for electrical engineering laboratories


Regardless of the control and drive technology used, electrical engineering always plays a role.


No matter what your training focuses on, electrical engineering and electronics are part of the basic knowledge for all areas of production, process and automation technology.


With learning systems from Festo Didactic, learning laboratories – be they modular, customised or complete – can be equipped for any application and budget, whether for industry or trades, for teaching basic principles, for building systems or control or drive technology.

DSI Data Acquisition and Control Interface (DACI)
DSI Data Acquisition and Control Interface (DACI) A universal laboratory measurement device
Equipment set TP 1021
Equipment set TP 1021 EasyKit microcontroller

Embedded systems made easy

Until now, the development of embedded systems has been the preserve of specialists. Every step of the design process, the manufacture of special printed circuit boards and the programming of the microcontroller (usually only in C++ or Assembler) required expert knowledge and

This is where the idea of EasyKit comes in: standardised, easy-tobatch electronic modules and a graphically orientated programming
interface make it much simpler to create microcontroller-based control systems. This means that sophisticated applications can be created with a minimum amount of integration work.

New-found training vitality
New-found training vitality Training packages for electrical engineering and electronics
  • In particular those who are well trained have the best chances at finding interesting jobs.
  • Successful training is enjoyed by those who attend a well equipped school and are trained at a highly committed company.
  • Greatest learning success prevails when trainers and teachers are highly qualified, laboratories are suitably equipped, and training devices and media are well matched to each other.
  • The layout of the training laboratory is most successful when mutual planning is taken advantage of, and everything is supplied from a single source.

Logical consequence:
training concepts, equipment and learning systems from A to Z from a single source, namely Festo Didactic.

Reference Projects Global Project Solutions
Reference Projects Global Project Solutions
Holistic and turnkey education solutions
Holistic and turnkey education solutions Laboratory and workshop equipment for science, technology, and education

Knowledge is a resource that gives a decisive advantage in international competition, and is a guarantor of success especially in demanding industry segments. In many cases, an employee's original expertise will no longer be sufficient to keep up with the latest developments in the working environment.
Investing early in basic and further training pays off in every possible way. The promotion of lifelong learning thus becomes your most productive long-term investment for the future.

Festo Didactic - Leadership in Technical Education
Festo Didactic - Leadership in Technical Education

As a global partner for educational institutions, governments, state organizations and companies around the world, we design and implement training centers and laboratories, educational equipment and programs that train people to perform in highly dynamic and complex environments.

Mind-Sight Learning Content Management System
Mind-Sight Learning Content Management System LabVolt Series 47513
Geothermal Training System
Geothermal Training System LabVolt Series 46126

Bring a Complete Geothermal Home Energy System to your Classroom

Vocational and Technical Training as a Key to Rehabilitation
Vocational and Technical Training as a Key to Rehabilitation

Education plays a major role in the after-correctional center life. Not only does it reduce the recidivism rate1 and improve life conditions on an individual basis, but it also reduces dependency on public assistance, cuts costs for the prison system, and increases positive contributions to society in general.

Technology for education and science
Technology for education and science The current range of Festo Didactic products
Festo Didactic: LabVolt Series Training Systems
Festo Didactic: LabVolt Series Training Systems A whole new range of possibilities

Origins of the LabVolt Series by Festo Didactic

For the last 50 years, Festo Didactic has been recognized worldwide for the development of high-quality, intuitive learning systems for technical education.

Festo Didactic further strengthened its leadership position as a worldwide supplier of technical education solutions through the acquisition of the US-Canadian manufacturer, Lab-Volt Systems, in June 2014. Lab-Volt’s portfolio of products is now part of the global offering of Festo Didactic and is referred to as the “LabVolt Series.”

FACT Festo Authorized and Certified Training Centre

FACT associates your institution with the Festo brand – recognized globally as standing for engineering excellence, innovation, and leadership in industrial training. And your customers are prepared to pay for quality and relevance.

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