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White Paper 2019-10-07 Considerations for choosing pneumatic guided drives and slides

This whitepaper includes information on:

• How pneumatic guided drives and slides work

• Pneumatic or electric? Where pneumatic excels

• Guided drive or slide? Which to choose

• Customization possibilities: bearings, cushioning and more

• Models for special situations

• Sizing the drive or slide for your application

Machine vision with vision sensors, smart camera and checkbox
Machine vision with vision sensors, smart camera and checkbox 2019-06-18 Your productivity in focus: with industrial image processing from Festo

Machine vision systems from Festo make a decisive contribution to ensuring that the input and output are right. They monitor and stabilise processes, whether they’re reading codes or detecting positions for handling tasks. In some cases they even control the process itself. And they inspect quality from when the goods come in to when they are finished.


That makes your work easier. It makes your machines and systems more productive and flexible. And it further optimises the use of materials.


Find out more ...

Short documentation SBO_-Q-EN 2019-06-03 System - Diagnostics

Associated products

  • Compact Vision System SBOC-Q-R1B (541399)
  • Compact Vision System SBOC-Q-R1B-S1 (569771)
  • Compact Vision System SBOC-Q-R1C (548317)
  • Compact Vision System SBOC-Q-R1C-S1 (569774)
  • Compact Vision System SBOC-Q-R2B-S1 (569772)
  • Compact Vision System SBOC-Q-R2C (551022)
  • Compact Vision System SBOC-Q-R3B-WB (555841)
  • Compact Vision System SBOC-Q-R3B-WB-S1 (569777)
  • Compact Vision System SBOC-Q-R3C-WB (555842)
  • Compact Vision System SBOC-Q-R3C-WB-S1 (569778)
  • Compact Vision System SBOI-Q-R1B (541396)
  • Compact Vision System SBOI-Q-R1B-S1 (569773)
  • Compact Vision System SBOI-Q-R1C (548316)
  • Compact Vision System SBOI-Q-R1C-S1 (569776)
  • Compact Vision System SBOI-Q-R3B-WB (555839)
  • Compact Vision System SBOI-Q-R3B-WB-S1 (569779)
  • Compact Vision System SBOI-Q-R3C-WB (555840)
  • Compact Vision System SBOI-Q-R3C-WB-S1 (569780)
  • Documentation package P.BE-SBO-Q-UDOK (549036)

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Sensors - Vision systems
Sensors - Vision systems Complete program of all sensors and vision systems

Proximity sensors, position sensors, signal converters, pressure and vacuum sensors, flow sensors, inductive sensors, opto-electronic sensors, air gap sensors, sensor boxes, vision systems for function monitoring,orientation and quality inspection; connecting cables, plug connectors, sensor testers

Spare parts catalogue
Spare parts catalogue Spare parts finder for configured products like valve terminals and service units
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