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Servicevideo: what is this ?
Servicevideo: what is this ? 2019-11-05 service2see channel


White Paper
White Paper 2019-10-07 Considerations for choosing pneumatic guided drives and slides

This whitepaper includes information on:

• How pneumatic guided drives and slides work

• Pneumatic or electric? Where pneumatic excels

• Guided drive or slide? Which to choose

• Customization possibilities: bearings, cushioning and more

• Models for special situations

• Sizing the drive or slide for your application

Safety Sub-Functions Pneumatic SET, PUS, Category 1, up to PL c
Safety Sub-Functions Pneumatic SET, PUS, Category 1, up to PL c 2019-09-19 Pneumatic SET, PUS, Category 1, up to PL c

Application Note for the realization of the safety sub-functions safe equilibrium of torque (SET) and prevention of an unexpected start-up (PUS) with category 1 and up to PL c. This Application Note contains a possible circuit for 5/3 directional control valves and pressure regulators.


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Standard cylinder DSBC to ISO 15552
Standard cylinder DSBC to ISO 15552 Clever cushioning with PPS

The new standard cylinder DSBC with the self-adjusting pneumatic end-position cushioning adapts optimally to changes in loads and speed.

PPS-Check With this engineering software you will get an estimation of the functionality for your cylinder with PPS cushioning.

Supported Products:

  • ADN
  • DSNU
  • DSBC
  • DSBF
  • DSBG

Requirements: .net-Framework 3.5

Declaration of conformity ATEX ATEX

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  • standards-based cylinder DSBC-...-80- - (1463495)
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