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Servicevideo: what is this ?
Servicevideo: what is this ? 2019-11-05 service2see channel


Pinch valve for heavy-duty applications
Pinch valve for heavy-duty applications 2019-10-30 Extremely low wear!

The heavy-duty pinch valve is ideal for use with abrasive or corrosive

fl uids, pastes, pulps, powders, or media with a high solids content.

Its high performance, extremely low wear, and long service life in

open and close mode as well as in proportional control applications

make it very suitable for use in mineral processing, in the cement

and construction industry, in iron and steel production, in metallurgy

and foundries, or in aluminium production.

Catalogue for Process Automation
Catalogue for Process Automation 2019-07-12

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Declaration of conformity ATEX ATEX

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  • Solenoid valve NVF3-MOH-5/2-K-1/4-EX (535987)
Amendment NVF3-MOH-5/2-K-1/4-EX-EN Commissioning - ATEX

Associated products

  • Solenoid valve NVF3-MOH-5/2-K-1/4-EX (535987)
  • Solenoid valve NVF3-MOH-5/2-K-1/4-IA-EX (535988)
Certificate F-SY Machine safety - Declaration

Associated products

  • Solenoid valve NVF3-MOH-5/2-K-1/4 (196982)
  • Solenoid valve NVF3-MOH-5/2-K-1/4-EX (535987)
  • Solenoid valve NVF3-MOH-5/2-K-1/4-IA-EX (535988)
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