Technical paper on ‘Using the Festo IoT Gateway in Enterprise Networks’

Our useful Technical paper ‘Using the Festo IoT Gateway in Enterprise Networks’ shows how to connect the Festo IoT Gateway to the Internet while maintaining the network architecture for all other network hosts.

The purpose of the Festo IoT Gateway device is to allow for a communication between the factory floor and the cloud. Traditionally production networks are completely separated from the Internet. This application note describes a solution using Debian GNU/Linux in a virtual machine to connect the IoT Gateway to the Festo Cloud while complying with state of the art security recommendations. We propose microsegmentation using tagged VLAN to separate the IoT Gateway ’Cloud’ port from the enterprise network.

In this document we show how to set up a separate network with firewall rules to control all communication to and from the IoT Gateway. This application note is intended to provide a low cost approach for small companies but the concepts also apply to more complex enterprise networks with hardware firewalls.

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