Optimised for control cabinet installation

Optimised for control cabinet installation

Modular control system CPX-E and universal valve terminal VTUG
New CPX-E modular control system delivers flexible, compact control, coupled with high levels of compatibility.

Festo valve and controller package optimised for cabinet installation


The ability to respond quickly and efficiently to rapidly changing customer demands is a key consideration in factory and process automation applications.  Complete customer solutions from Festo provide machine builders with a supply partner who can provide a modular, sub-system approach – reducing bottlenecks, build and delivery times.


One example is a new valve and controller package that combines Festo’s CPX-E modular control system and the VTUG universal valve terminal. Specifically designed for installation in control cabinets, this package enables the CPX-E and VTUG to combine electrics and pneumatics, saving space and cost. The result is a highly competitive process valve controller package for self-assembly or for complete cabinet build by Festo: a powerful combination for more compact and cost-efficient control cabinet solutions.


The modular CPX-E control system is an automated system for factory and process automation. It consists of individual function modules which enable a flexible, modular design. Depending on the module combination, the system can be configured as a purely remote I/O system with bus module or as a control system with control unit. The CPX-E’s distinguishing features are its rapid signal processing and its compact assembly. It also meets interference immunity requirements in accordance with NE21 for process and laboratory control.


The VTUG universal valve terminal has also been adapted for installation in control cabinets. Its revised configuration ensures that the status indicator LEDs are forward facing in a cabinet layout, along with inscription labels and manual overrides: all of which makes commissioning and fault-finding faster and more convenient. Features include new panel mount manifold rails, back pressure check valves, a hot-swap module and fixed flow restrictors.

The new “T” valve manifold rails provide mounting simplicity and flexibility. The valve output ports and the supply and exhaust ports can be directly routed out of the cabinet through the manifold base plate.  An optional stainless-steel overlay baseplate provides a very cost-effective alternative to drilling and fitting stainless steel bulkhead fittings.  Simplifying installation and eliminating individual bulkheads within the cabinet reduces panel size, assembly time and cost. The VTUG’s hot-swap function allows individual valves to be replaced quickly during operation without the whole valve terminal having to be depressurised and potentially causing production disruption and downtime.

VTUG offers up to 24 valve positions and two valves per position when the 2x 3/2-way option is selected. VTUG can communicate using most commonly used fieldbus networks, including PROFINET and Ethernet/IP. A DXF contour template and EPLAN drawing file is available when the VTUG is configured online, reducing engineering time to create panel drawings.


For more information and technical data, visit: www.festo.co.uk/cpx-e and www.festo.co.uk/VTUG


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Enjoy greater flexibility inside the control cabinet Festo’s new valve controller package, combining all the benefits of their CPX-E control system with the VTUG universal valve terminal
The CPX-E Controller Consists of individual function modules which enable a flexible, modular design.
The VTUG universal valve terminal for control cabinets Features forward-facing LEDs and a new manifold that allows direct routing of valve output, supply and exhaust ports.