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EMMS-AS servo motors and CMMP-AS motor controllers with extended functionality
EMMS-AS servo motors and CMMP-AS motor controllers with extended functionality
Services for servopneumatic welding guns
Services for servopneumatic welding guns All-inclusive and trouble free

When it comes to your servopneumatic welding guns, take advantage of the numerous services included in your “all-inclusive trouble-free”package. These services guarantee simple commissioning, efficient operation and rapid fault elimination

Manual Support Portal
Manual Support Portal Platform functions


A brief overview of the functions and advantages:

  • Help for searches using the navigation tree and search box
  • Information on search results
  • Creating download packages in order to obtain all the information you need in a single download
  • Information on the phase-out status of a product and alternative products
  • Information on the product key
  • RSS feed function to ensure you are automatically informed about new content
  • Information on the mobile Support Portal
  • Evaluation functions
New functions
New functions Internet product catalog, Online Shop, Support Portal

Are you already familiar with our extensive support software for the following process steps?


- Selection and sizing

- Engineering design

- Ordering from the Online Shop

- Commissioning and after sales


Have a look at our latest developments aimed at helping you find the product you need faster.

Automation technology – selected for value
Automation technology – selected for value
Axis controllers SPC200
Axis controllers SPC200 Attention: Products can no longer be ordered!
Release list electric drive technology
Release list electric drive technology for the production of engine, gear unit, chassis, casting of the Volkswagen group "Technology specific part"
DAF Specification
DAF Specification
Volvo: Powertrain Sweden
Volvo: Powertrain Sweden Festo componentes for penumatics, electro pneumatics and local control

Click here for the release list for all Volvo Powertrain Sweden projects with links to documents, CAD data and other information from the Festo catalogue.

The release list is valid for all Volvo Powertrain projects in Sweden, including all Festo products that may be used at the Volvo Powertrain plants in Sweden.

Industry 4.0
Industry 4.0
Automation Technology
Automation Technology Pneumatic and electrical components
  • Pneumatic drives
  • Servopneumatic positioning systems
  • Electromechanical drives
  • Motors and controllers
  • Grippers
  • Handling systems
  • Vacuum technology
  • Valves
  • Valve terminals
  • Sensors
  • Image processing systems
  • Compressed air preparation
  • Pneumatic connection technology
  • Electrical connection technology
  • Control technology and software
  • Other pneumatic devices
  • Ready-to-install solutions
  • Services
trends in automation 1.2018
trends in automation 1.2018 The Festo customer magazine

In focus: Changes

Switching direction, shifting times and play of light

Maximum productivity: Terminal CPX.
Maximum productivity: Terminal CPX. Automation platform

CPX is ideal as automation platform, valve terminal partner or remote I/O - it is electric, open and direct. It is also the perfect platform for electrical peripherals. With CPX, you can integrate pneumatic and electrical control chains easily, quickly, flexibly and seamlessly into all automation concepts and company-specific standards.

Maximum productivity: Terminal CPX
Maximum productivity: Terminal CPX
Automating with FST 4
Automating with FST 4

Easy description how to program in FST

Product Overview for the automotive and Tier1 supplier industry
Product Overview for the automotive and Tier1 supplier industry

Systems, solutions and expertise for the automotive and Tier1 supplier industry

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