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FCT - Festo Configuration Tool CPX-CMAX-C1-1, PlugIn-Release 1.1

FCT V1.2.0.87 Configuration- and commissioning software for the servoPneumatic position- and force controller: CPX-CMAX-C1-1, PlugIn (V1.0.1.2) for CPX-CMAX-C1-1 (FW 1.00), PlugIn (V1.1.0.92) for CPX-CMAX-C1-1 (all FW versions)

Supported systems:

  • Axis controller CPX-CMAX-C1-1 (548932)
Firmware CPX-CMAX-C1-1, Release 2.2

Version changes:
Firmware download files for CPX-CMAX-C1-1

  • Firmware 2.3.1 (Neu)
  • Firmware 2.2.5
  • Firmware 2.2.4
  • Firmware 1.9
  • Firmware 1.8
  • Firmware 1.1
  • ErrorMessages 2.3


  • New in Version 2.3 (Release 13):
    • Extension of record list to 128 records
    • Target position and target force can be transmitted in seperated 16 Bit values in the control data
    • Sign of Life bit in SPOS.B0 for function monitoring by PLC
    • Clamping unit of DGCI can be controlled externally
    • Secondary actual value can transmit error and warning
    • Error E76 can be acknowledged without data reset

Supported systems:

  • Axis controller CPX-CMAX-C1-1 (548932)
  • Terminal CPX (197330)
FCT - Festo Configuration Tool - PlugIn CPX-CMAX-C1-1, PlugIn-Release 2.3


  • supports axis controller CPX-CMAX-C1-1 (548932)
  • recommended for CMAX firmware version 2.3
  • downwards compatible to firmware version 1.1
  • for more details look into FCT help " What's new in this version"
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