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Function blocks CODESYS

Festo Positioning Desktop Library GSAY-A6-F0-Z4-2.0 for motion and communication tasks of the Compact Positioning Systems YXMx.

Range of functions:

  • Plug and Play function for automatic system configuration (FDPNP v3.5.7.20)
  • TCP/IP Server for defined host communication (FCOM v0.0.0.3)
  • Homing
  • Jogging
  • Inching/Stepping
  • Move PTP
  • Executing CODESYS generated CNC Programs
  • Executing CNC Programs generated as G-Code based Text File
  • Message System


  • Application software Festo_Positioning_Desktop_3
  • Base project for controller CECC-X with integrated drive EMCX-ST

Compatibility information:

  • Codesys pbF 3.5.7 Patch 2
  • TSP for CECC-X: (Device description

Supported systems:

  • controller CECC-X-M1 (4407603)
  • controller CECC-X-M1-MV (4407605)
  • controller CECC-X-M1-MV-S1 (4407606)
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