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BionicSoftArm 19-06-2019 Modular pneumatic lightweight robot

Whether free and flexible movements or defined sequences, thanks to its modular design, the pneumatic lightweight robot can be used for numerous applications. In combination with various adaptive grippers, it can pick up and handle a wide variety of objects and shapes. At the same time, it is completely compliant and poses no danger to the user even in the event of a collision.

The dock “thinks” for itself
The dock “thinks” for itself 23-05-2019 Decentralised Control in Bulk Material Handling

The world of bulk material handling seems easy at first glance: moving, filling, delivering. The art of dealing with a variety of different materials, however, lies in the details, such as the docking and undocking of containers at weighing stations. In the process, crosscontaminations

and the release of dusts can occur. AZO CleanDock prevents this

problem. Its latest generation can do even more: it “thinks” for itself. Directly attached to the dock, the integrated controller CEC of the modular electrical terminal CPX from Festo ensures additional process security and shortened commissioning times.

BionicMotionRobot 13-05-2019 Lightweight robot with natural movement patterns

Sensitive and gentle or powerful and dynamic – the BionicMotionRobot’s movements are inspired by an elephant’s trunk and an octopus’s tentacles. The pneumatic lightweight robot features 12 degrees of freedom and, with a payload of three kilograms, can carry approximately its own weight.

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SmartBird Bird flight deciphered
Scharnhausen Technology Plant
Scharnhausen Technology Plant Shaping the future to be versatile

The Scharnhausen Technology Plant is the leading Festo factory for valves, valve terminals and electronics and at the forefront of automation for the future.


eMotionButterflies – ultralight flying objects with collective behaviour
eMotionButterflies – ultralight flying objects with collective behaviour Coordinated flying thanks to indoor GPS

With the bionic butterflies, for the first time Festo combines the ultralight construction of artificial insects with collision-free flying behaviour in a collective. For coordination purposes, the eMotionButterflies make use of a guidance and monitoring system, which could be used in the networked factory of the future.

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