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Quickly and conveniently determine your system's air consumption. Simply capture all drives and hoses, set cycle times and working pressure and the air consumption is already calculated per minute and per day.

Moment of inertia calculation
Moment of inertia calculation

This program calculates the moment of inertia of various basic bodies and Festo standard components.

Cálculo del momento de inercia
Este programa calcula el momento de inercia de varios cuerpos básicos y de componentes estándar Festo.

Calcul de moments d’inertie
Quelle que soit la forme ou la nature de la pièce, ce logiciel vous permet de calculer son moment d'inertie. Sauvegarder, transférer ou imprimer les résultats.

AirCon Air requirements for pneumatically actuated valves

Compressed air requirements for pneumatically actuated valves in water treatment plants can be calculated with Aircon. Beyond this, required compressed air reservoir capacity can be ascertained, and valves can be automatically configured for use with Festo actuators.

Process Valve Automation Tool (PVA-Tool)
Process Valve Automation Tool (PVA-Tool) User friendly software for dimensioning and selection of the suitable quarter turn actuator for automation of butterfly and ball valves

The torque diagrams of the selected actuator will be displayed for a visual confirmation. The application parameters can be changed any time and consequently the results will be automatically adapted to the new requirements.

Soft Stop
Soft Stop

Soft Stop can practically turn the impossible into reality. Travel times are shortened by as much as 30% for pneumatic drives and vibration is greatly reduced. The selection program performs all of the necessary calculations.

El Soft Stop puede hacer realidad lo que parecía imposible. Los tiempos de recorrido de actuadores neumáticos se reducen en un 30% y disminuyen drásticamente las vibraciones. El programa de selección realiza todos los cálculos necesarios.

Ce logiciel vous permet de configurer un système Soft Stop de l'actionneur au système de commande en quelques étapes. Le système Soft Stop transforme l'impossible en possible : réduit les temps de cycle jusqu'à 30% et diminue de manière drastique les vibrations.
Conversion of technical and physical units

Conversion of units:

- length

- area

- volume

- pressure

- flow rate

- temperature

- measure

- speed

- density

- Flow rate (Air)

- force by pressure and area (e.g. for cylinder force)

Parallel gripper
Parallel gripper

To choose the right gripper you need to calculate the weight, direction of movement, distances, etc. The software tool tells you immediately which of the parallel, radial, angle or 3-point grippers you need to use, and in which size.

Vacuum component selection
Vacuum component selection

The program calculates the right vacuum suction cup for your application. All you need to do is input the required parameters and the program will then determine solutions ranging from a simple vertical linear movement right through to freely positionable suction cups with linear and circular motion.
Festo AirDryer: Dryer calculation for membrane and adsorption dryers <b>Version</b> (2007-12-10)

This program calculates the correct size of Festo dryers by showing possible solutions for individual apllications. Afterwards direct links are making it comfortable to find its way to the to the online catalogue.

Also measurement units like Celsius vs. Fahrenheit can be easily changed to the particular needs.
Furthermore the tool gives a short overview about the different drying principles and leads with direct links to the online catalogue.

Shock absorber selection
Shock absorber selection

This software selects a shock absorber suited to your particular application. Cases such as horizontal or angled configuration, swinging lever, rotating disc or swinging mass can be selected.

PPS-Check With this engineering software you will get an estimation of the functionality for your cylinder with PPS cushioning.

Supported Products:

  • ADN
  • DSNU
  • DSBC
  • DSBF
  • DSBG

Requirements: .net-Framework 3.5

Camera Configuration Studio
Machine Vision Engineering-Software for setting up, adjusting, displaying and recording inspection jobs of the camera system SBRD-Q

Supported systems:
  • controller SBRD-Q (8067301)
PositioningDrives Electromechanic linear actuators

Dimensioning of electromechanic linear axes and electrical motors: Find a solution with only a few basic data

Version 2.3.34
Function blocks Siemens PCS 7
Function blocks Siemens PCS 7

Driver block library for seamlessly integrating Festo CPX remote I/O terminals with or without attached valve terminals (MPA, VTSA) into a Siemens SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system via Profibus DP; provides full support for “Generate Module Drivers” function

Supported systems:

  • Electrical terminal CPX
  • Valve terminal MPA with CPX terminal
  • Valve terminal MPA-F with CPX terminal
  • Valve terminal VTSA with CPX terminal
  • Valve terminal VTSA-F with CPX terminal

Supported systems:

  • Bus node CPX-FB13 (195740)
  • Bus node CPX-FB33 (548755)
  • Bus node CPX-M-FB34 (548751)
  • Bus node CPX-M-FB35 (548749)
  • Bus node-SET CPX-FB13 (195741)
  • Bus node-SET CPX-M-FB34 (548752)
  • Terminal CPX (197330)
  • Valve terminal MPA-FB-VI (530411)
  • Valve terminal MPAF-FB-VI (544397)
  • Valve terminal MPAL-VI (569926)
  • Valve terminal VTSA-FB (539217)
  • Valve terminal VTSA-FB-NPT (539218)
  • Valve terminal VTSA-F-FB (547965)
  • Valve terminal VTSA-F-FB-NPT (547966)
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