Reliable partner for the entire automation pyramid

Reliable partner for the entire automation pyramid

Festo exhibits automation technology from the field level to the management level at IFAT
Festo develops complete solutions for the process industry along the entire automation pyramid.

As well as carrying out in-depth research into intelligent
components and decentralised automation, Festo also offers concrete solutions for Industry 4.0 in the field of process automation.
For instance, the manufacturer of electric and pneumatic automation technology
has developed a concept for automating modular water
treatment systems, thus supporting more flexible production in the
process industries.


Adaptive, self-configuring and self-organising production plants with high levels of networking are required as a prerequisite. At IFAT, Festo will be showcasing a new and innovative concept for the automation of modular plants. This concept will enable water treatment stations to be set up quickly and flexibly; they can also be easily adapted when necessary without the need to completely reconfigure them.


Modular automation

This not only speeds up product introductions, it also reduces planning, construction and commissioning costs. Furthermore, the compact design of these systems makes them more energy efficient.


Festo develops complete solutions for the process industry along the entire automation pyramid, from control and display components at management level to process valves at field level. In addition, the company invests heavily in research and development, which allows them to focus actively on product innovations for the field level.


Valuable further developments

Product highlights at the field level include the standard NAMUR valve VSNC and the next generation of positioners CMSX with extended functions for linear and single-acting actuators, as well as increased flow rates. Amongst the actuators, the newly developed quarter-turn actuator DFPD and the new sensor box SRBC are the centre of attention, while the latest generation of the linear actuator DFPI has an integrated, potentiometric displacement encoder. Thanks to the modified piston rod guide it can be used in applications with transverse forces.


Festo’s integrated approach also includes Festo Didactic’s range of modules for basic and further industrial training, as well as personal training and coaching.




About Festo:

Festo AG is a global player and an independent family-owned company with headquarters in Esslingen am Neckar, Germany. The company supplies pneumatic and electric automation technology to 300,000 customers in the fields of factory and process automation in over 200 industry sectors. Products and services are available in 176 countries around the world. The company has around 17,800 employees in 61 national companies worldwide, and generated a turnover of some €2.45 billion in 2014. More than 7% of this turnover is invested each year in research and development. 1.5% of this learning company’s turnover is invested in basic and further training. However, training services are not only provided for Festo’s own staff – Festo Didactic SE also supplies basic and further training programmes in the field of automation technology for customers, students and trainees.


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Skids Modular Automation with Skids: creating water treatment plants fast and flexibly and adapting them when needed without reconfiguring them completely. (Photo: Festo AG & Co. KG)
CMSX The economical position controller CMSX provides safety with double-acting quarter turn actuators. Pre-definable positions reduce otherwise incalculable risks to the production process to a minimum (Photo: Festo AG & Co. KG)
DFPI-NB3 A tough performer thanks to an integrated displacement encoder: the linear actuator DFPI-NB3 from Festo. (Photo: Festo AG & Co. KG)
VSNC The standard NAMUR valve VSNC from Festo is ideal for use with process valves. (Photo: Festo AG & Co. KG)