Versatile applications with process valves

Versatile applications with process valves

New standard NAMUR valve from Festo
The NAMUR valve VSNC efficiently and reliably controls the flow of a wide range of media in very different ambient conditions.

The standard NAMUR valve VSNC is certified worldwide in accordance with the usual explosion-protection standards and can be used in many industry segments and applications. Its distinguishing features are a modern design, durable quality and fully tested technology and materials. It also offers an attractive price/performance ratio.


The standard NAMUR valve VSNC efficiently and reliably controls the flow of a wide range of media in very different ambient conditions, whether of liquids, bulk goods or gases in either the fine chemicals, pharmaceutical, water technology or food production industry. This is made possible by a broad choice of valve functions and an extended temperature range of -20 to +60°C.


Exhaust air return by means of a simple seal increases efficiency

The new pilot valve can be easily adapted for use with either a single-acting or a double-acting actuator for even greater flexibility. Simply turning the seal round 180° converts a 5/2-way valve into a 3/2-way valve. In the case of the 3/2-way function, exhaust air is fed via the seal into the spring chamber of the actuator. This protects the spring chamber from contaminated ambient air and guarantees a longer service life for the pneumatic actuator.


Flexible electrical interface boosts performance

The Festo range of ATEX accessories and IEC Ex-certified solenoid systems for zones 1 and 2 and systems certified in accordance with NEC 500 for Class 1 Div. 1 and Div. 2 are specially made for environments with potentially explosive atmospheres.


The design of the VSNC means that any of these coils, even with different types of protection, can be mounted on a robust stainless steel armature tube, allowing especially versatile applications. This modularity ensures that Festo can react quickly in processing customer orders.


Simplified ordering

Pre-assembled valves that reduce time and effort for tubing and assembly offer added convenience. The simplicity of the Festo pilot valves starts with a user-oriented modular system for ease of ordering. A compact and practical range of accessories, including flow control and quick exhaust valves, boosts processes thanks to short ordering channels.


Click here to see a product clip showing the VSNC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Aa_wp0UUKM


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VSNC The standard NAMUR valve VSNC from Festo is ideal for use with process valves. (Photo: Festo AG & Co. KG)