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Success story "The cleanroom" - Rotan
Success story "The cleanroom" - Rotan Cleaning mobile production equipment

In the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, cleanliness is of the utmostimportance. Production equipment can only be reused if it is cleaned. A new system from ROTAN GmbH shows how this can be done reliably. The Festo solution comprising valve terminals and stainless steel components ensures operational reliability and a long service life.

Success story "Setting standards" - Biotest
Success story "Setting standards" - Biotest Standardised automation in blood plasma fractionation

Blood plasma is an indispensable resource in the production of life-saving medicines. It is in high demand on global markets. To make more efficient use of this valuable commodity, Biotest AG developed a new large-scale plant for plasma fractionation, with which it is possible to obtain five instead of the previous three products from a litre of blood plasma. Standardised components from Festo simplify installation and maintenance.

Municipal Water Technology
Municipal Water Technology Competence flyer

Your objective is maximum efficiency when planning, installing and operating municipal water and wastewater treatment plants. Thanks to our integrated automation solutions, smart tools and personal support during all project phases, you always reach your objective – worldwide.

Automation solutions for flotation cells
Automation solutions for flotation cells High control precision

The excellent control precision of the dart valves is the key to achieving optimum results in the flotation process. This ensures a constant froth level – and thus a higher yield. Festo offers three options for the automation of flotation cells in order to optimally separate fine ore and high-quality sulphide ores such as copper, copper-molybdenum and platinum group metals from the gangue.

PSI 929.22 Quarter turn actuator DFPD-C for the chemical industry
PSI 929.22 Quarter turn actuator DFPD-C for the chemical industry Sturdy and reliable!

The quarter turn actuators DFPD-C and DFPD-C-VDE2 are equipped for the harsh conditions in the chemical industry and set a new benchmark thanks to their excellent features. These include a NAMUR interface to VDI/VDE 3847, hard-anodised end caps, blow-outproof adjusting screws for the end position, shaft centring ring and captive spring cartridges that are free of non-ferrous metals.

Linear actuator DFPC
Linear actuator DFPC Sturdy and durable!

Preconfigured from stock or individually configured? The new,

double-acting linear actuator DFPC can be both. It has been

specially designed for actuating process valves such as gate valves

or knife-gate valves, pinch valves or valve bodies without housing.

Perfect, for example, for the requirements in water and wastewater

treatment, the mining industry, power stations as well as

the paper, pulp and steel industries.

Pinch valve for heavy-duty applications
Pinch valve for heavy-duty applications Extremely low wear!

The heavy-duty pinch valve is ideal for use with abrasive or corrosive

fl uids, pastes, pulps, powders, or media with a high solids content.

Its high performance, extremely low wear, and long service life in

open and close mode as well as in proportional control applications

make it very suitable for use in mineral processing, in the cement

and construction industry, in iron and steel production, in metallurgy

and foundries, or in aluminium production.

Catalogue for Process Automation
Catalogue for Process Automation
Venting solution for oil and gas installations CR-AMHT
Venting solution for oil and gas installations CR-AMHT Reliable air exhaustion!

Single acting actuators are used wherever a process valve has to be
driven – the air exhaustion may give rise to difficulties that damages
and limit the reliability of the actuator. The carefully thought-out
design of the CR-AMHT makes it possible to avoid these problems.
The Venting Solution CR-AMTH is used to create a reliable way of
exhausting for especially single acting but also double acting
actuators on process valves located in the field.

The dock “thinks” for itself
The dock “thinks” for itself Decentralised Control in Bulk Material Handling

The world of bulk material handling seems easy at first glance: moving, filling, delivering. The art of dealing with a variety of different materials, however, lies in the details, such as the docking and undocking of containers at weighing stations. In the process, crosscontaminations

and the release of dusts can occur. AZO CleanDock prevents this

problem. Its latest generation can do even more: it “thinks” for itself. Directly attached to the dock, the integrated controller CEC of the modular electrical terminal CPX from Festo ensures additional process security and shortened commissioning times.

A Practical Energy Efficiency Solution for Life Science Utilizing Industry 4.0
A Practical Energy Efficiency Solution for Life Science Utilizing Industry 4.0

“Internet of Things” (IoT) and “Industry 4.0” (I4.0) are buzzwords in the process manufacturing and automation world, with far-reaching benefits understood by most at a high level. But, what relevant and practical data and understanding can I4.0 bring your company in everyday operations, such as monitoring compressed air consumption, process optimization, enabling energy efficiencies, and providing preventative diagnostics?

PSI 929.20 Stainless steel filter regulator PCRP
PSI 929.20 Stainless steel filter regulator PCRP For harsh environments

In corrosive atmospheres or extreme temperatures from -60 °C to +80 °C, the extremely robust filter regulator PCRP performs well, offering high flow rates and reliable pressure control. The housing and interior are entirely made of premium stainless steel to ensure high corrosion resistance. The PCRP series is available in sizes ¼" and ½" with G or NPT threads.

PSI 929.18 Filter regulator LFR-…-EX4
PSI 929.18 Filter regulator LFR-…-EX4 With high flow rates!

Hard-wearing, robust and powerful: LFR-…-EX4 is ideal for use in corrosive outdoor environments, for example in the chemical industry. The new filter regulator is initially available in the sizes ¼" and ½" with G or NPT thread – as an individual component or in combination with process valve units.


ISO valve terminal VTSA – maximum functionality
ISO valve terminal VTSA – maximum functionality Strong fl ow rate!

The VTSA is ideal for maximum pneumatic and electrical function integration. Especially innovative is the mix of 5 valve sizes on one valve terminal, without the need for an adapter plate up to size 2! The VTSA is fully compliant with ISO 15407-2 and ISO 5599-2 – yet is easy to integrate. It can be used as a complete installation solution for large-scale machine concepts. And is also available as a fl ow-optimised version VTSA-F.

Linear actuator DFPI-NB3
Linear actuator DFPI-NB3 Integrated, sturdy, flexible!


The new linear actuator DFPI is equipped for a wide range of applications thanks to ISO 15552, an optionally integrated positioner or an integrated displacement encoder, and an optimised guide rod for swivel motions.


Explosion protection clearly explained
Explosion protection clearly explained Safe automation with explosion-proof products and solutions from Festo
Automation solutions for fingerboards in the Oil and Gas industry
Automation solutions for fingerboards in the Oil and Gas industry

Very few environments are as demanding as those on an oil rig. Materials are stressed and corrosion is promoted by water, salt and wind, as well as extreme weather fluctuation. The highly innovative Festo Motion Terminal as well as the state of the art valve terminal VTUG combined with our control cabinets offer reliable and steady solutions for automation of fingerboards under these harsh conditions.

Butterfly valves VZAV
Butterfly valves VZAV Product overview and technical data
EasyClip Modular Automation A message from 2026
Product flyer Process Industry
Product flyer Process Industry Two pager

Automation for the requirements

in the process industry

Success Story "Water's long journey"
Success Story "Water's long journey" Automation in one of the most modern water treatment plants in Europe
Poster: Your partner for process automation
Poster: Your partner for process automation
Maximum productivity: Terminal CPX.
Maximum productivity: Terminal CPX. Automation platform

CPX is ideal as automation platform, valve terminal partner or remote I/O - it is electric, open and direct. It is also the perfect platform for electrical peripherals. With CPX, you can integrate pneumatic and electrical control chains easily, quickly, flexibly and seamlessly into all automation concepts and company-specific standards.

Quick Order Sheet VOFC-VOFD EN
Quick Order Sheet VOFC-VOFD EN Extremely sturdy and corrosion-resistant: Solenoid valves VOFC/VOFD and solenoid coils VACC

Number one choice as a control valve:
Designed for the toughest demands – even in extreme environments.
Certificates, expert opinions and testimonials demonstrate that the solenoid
valves are suitable for the toughest demands when it comes to operational
safety, availability and flexibility in use. Even outdoors and in difficult
ambient conditions. The world’s most widely recognised ignition protection
types are offered: Ex e mb, Ex ia, Ex db und Ex d.

Butterfly valves VZAF
Butterfly valves VZAF Produkt overview and technical data
Angle seat valve VZXA
Angle seat valve VZXA Flexible in use

The VZXA easily adapts to the task in hand thanks to its range of variants, thus maximising flexibility and minimising the effort involved in designing your application. The carefully thought-out product architecture with its easy-to-clean design means valve bodies and actuators can be freely combined. The modular product concept makes it easier to modify and maintain systems without having to remove the entire valve.


White paper - Controlling process valves and considering functional safety (SIL)
White paper - Controlling process valves and considering functional safety (SIL)

Functional safety in the process industry is a topic that has very much moved centre stage since IEC 61508 came into force. It is frequently only indicated by the abbreviation SIL. But what exactly is SIL and how can it be used to control process valves?

Functional safety in the process industry
Functional safety in the process industry SIL - Safety Integrity Level

Safety equipment in process plants aims to reduce the hazards presented by a plant for people, the environment and property to the lowest possible, acceptable level. Depending on the potential hazards, plants are assigned a Safety Integrity Level (SIL1 to SIL4). SIL1 represents the lowest risk and SIL4 the highest acceptable risk with catastrophic consequences.

15 years without any failures
15 years without any failures Tried and tested solenoid valve technology from Festo for SIL applications

For many years now, the products of Bayer Division Crop Science have been contributing to good yields and bigger harvests in more than 120 countries around the world; they are thus helping to ensure that world populations receive adequate supplies of high quality foods.


The R&D process for a new crop protection product takes 10 to 15 years. To enable fast and individual production, Bayer created a new multi-purpose system in 2002 which places huge demands on safety and reliability.

Easy Clip: Automation solutions for the chemcials industry "We speak the language of chemistry fluently"

What can Festo offer for the chemicals industry? Start our clip and learn more!

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