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High throughput DNA extraction system - Synchron Lab Automation
High throughput DNA extraction system - Synchron Lab Automation Detailed user report

The Dutch company Synchron Lab Automation developed an automated DNA extraction system with very high throughput rates by working very closely together with Festo. As a result, customers in the seed industry can collect DNA from up to 40,000 samples per day.

Eye surgery - BYTEC Medizintechnik
Eye surgery - BYTEC Medizintechnik Detailed user report

Nowadays, cataract surgery is a routine procedure. But this is only possible because companies like BYTEC Medizintechnik develop devices that enable eye surgeons to carry out operations accurately, error-free and in accordance with their own personal requirements. Piezo, proportional and fast-switching valves from Festo, designed in the form of a control block, allow the necessary rapid incisions to be made.

Oxygen conserver - Musashi Medical Technology
Oxygen conserver - Musashi Medical Technology Detailed user report

Japanese company Musashi Medical Laboratory supplies easy-to-operate regulators in smartphone format for these oxygen system devices, thus significantly improving comfort and handling for patients.

Anton Paar - Automation of laboratory sample preparation
Anton Paar - Automation of laboratory sample preparation Handling viscose substances with precision

Laboratories in the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food technology industries are increasingly relying on automation for sample preparation. The Modular Sample Processor, a development from the global laboratory equipment manufacturer Anton Paar, is one such solution.

Application story: LGC
Application story: LGC oKtopure robot with precision electric handling unit from Festo

The DNA extraction robot combines high sample throughput numbers with high-quality standardised DNA purification and thus relieves highly-qualified personnel of the need to carry out routine activities. Part of the solution is a handling system based on electric axes, motors and controllers from Festo.

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