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Released component list
Released component list 12/11/2018 Pneumatics and electro pneumatics
Mini slides DGST
Mini slides DGST 19/10/2018
Volvo: Powertrain Sweden
Volvo: Powertrain Sweden 27/08/2018 Festo componentes for penumatics, electro pneumatics and local control

Click here for the release list for all Volvo Powertrain Sweden projects with links to documents, CAD data and other information from the Festo catalogue.

The release list is valid for all Volvo Powertrain projects in Sweden, including all Festo products that may be used at the Volvo Powertrain plants in Sweden.

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Sensors Overview of sensors

Proximity sensors, position transmitters, pressure and vacuum sensors, flow sensors, inductive proximity switches and sensors, optical sensors, compact vision systems, connection technology, industry-specific sensors

Automation Specification Autoliv
Automation Specification Autoliv
Mini slides DGST
Mini slides DGST
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