Precisely dispensed

Precisely dispensed

Modular dosing system from Festo optimises liquid handling
When combined with compact kinematics, extremely precise, functional system solutions are easy to implement.

Diagnostics   laboratories are currently faced with the challenge of managing ever greater   volumes of samples. The media separated solenoid valve VYKA, the valve   control module VAEM and the modular dispense head VTOE from Festo simplify and speed up the processing of samples. When combined with compact   kinematics, extremely precise, functional system solutions are easy to   implement.


From preanalytics and analytics to postanalytics, the requirements for sample processing are increasing. This requires flexibility and high levels of precision even with very small dosing volumes, as well as maximum reliability and reproducibility. By using modern, automated dispensing systems, clinical and medical laboratories can increase their efficiency for the long term. This is where modularity plays a decisive role.


Depending on requirements, either individual valves or a complete dispense head, which is adapted for microwell plates, are used. Standardised yet highly flexible solutions, such as the combination of the dispense head VTOE and the planar surface gantry EXCM from Festo, enable samples to be processed in line with the individual needs of the laboratories.


Media separated solenoid valve

The media separated solenoid valve VYKA from Festo allows the precise dispensing of fluids and the control of liquid flows in manifold duct plates for continuous flow applications. With a width of just 7 mm, this compact powerhouse doses small quantities very precisely. Thanks to a separating diaphragm made of high-performance polymers FPM and FFPM, it is also suitable for aggressive media. The small internal volume makes the valve easy to clean. The combination with FDA listed materials makes the VYKA ideal for highly sensitive applications.


The current control ensures the switching behaviour is highly reproducible. The holding current reduction of the plug-in electronics prevents sensitive media from heating up. The excellent performance of this valve makes it suitable not only for laboratory applications, but also for the perfume and flavour industry as well as for packaging contact lenses. There is an extensive range of accessories, including sub-bases, fittings, nozzles and the valve control module VAEM, an 8-channel holding current reduction with an extremely precise time resolution of just 0.2 ms.


Flexible, precise liquid handling

With up to eight dispense heads, the dispense head VTOE from Festo permits a broad range of applications for precision dispensing of various liquids and filling volumes. Innumerable specific dosing quantities can be achieved thanks to the flexible and reproducible pressure and opening times. The 8-channel dispense head VTOE is perfectly tailored to dispensing liquids in microwell plates thanks to its compact stacking dimension. The dispense head VTOE achieves a high level of integration density with manifold duct plates in either polycarbonate (PC) or sturdy PEEK.


Individually designed and delivered ready-to-install

The ready-to-install module solution with its high degree of individualised flexibility opens up a wide variety of possible system solutions. This applies in particular to combinations including other kinematic solutions from Festo, as well as to controlling gases and compressed air for the pressure-driven conveyance of liquids.


For customers looking for a ready-to-install complete solution for liquid handling, the EXCM provides a modular system with 2D or 3D kinematic system, in which various standard components interact perfectly with one another. This creates an electric and pneumatic kinematic system in combination with liquid handling.




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Planar surface gantry for laboratory automation The best possible solution for system manufacturers: as well as its own components such as the planar surface gantry EXCM, Festo also integrates components from third-party manufacturers. (Photo: Festo AG & Co. KG)
Pipetting into microplates The various process steps for adding different liquids to microplates are automated and linked in a very compact space. (Photo: Festo AG & Co. KG)
VTOE Contactless dispensing of very small volumes: the 8-channel dispense head VTOE is a configurable complete solution comprising manifold duct plate, dosing valves and nozzles. (Photo: Festo AG & Co. KG)
VYKA The media separated solenoid valve VYKA allows the precise dispensing of fluids and the control of liquid flows in manifold duct plates. (Photo: Festo AG & Co. KG)
VAEM The VAEM valve control module with holding current reduction is ideal for controlling dosing heads. (Photo: Festo AG & Co. KG)


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