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ISO valve terminal VTSA – maximum functionality
ISO valve terminal VTSA – maximum functionality Strong fl ow rate!

The VTSA is ideal for maximum pneumatic and electrical function integration. Especially innovative is the mix of 5 valve sizes on one valve terminal, without the need for an adapter plate up to size 2! The VTSA is fully compliant with ISO 15407-2 and ISO 5599-2 – yet is easy to integrate. It can be used as a complete installation solution for large-scale machine concepts. And is also available as a fl ow-optimised version VTSA-F.

Valve and valve terminal series VG
Valve and valve terminal series VG

Small, compact and have high flow rates. They are available

in individual valves and fieldbus-compatible valve terminals. Ideal

for all price-sensitive applications.

White Paper - Food Safety
White Paper - Food Safety Hygienic automation technology in food production

Protecting the consumer and the manufacturer’s brand are the key aspects of hygienic and efficient automation in food production. The aims are high productivity and perfect tasting food.

Butterfly valves VZAV
Butterfly valves VZAV Product overview and technical data
OEE – Increasing system efficiency
OEE – Increasing system efficiency Overall Equipment Effectiveness

The measure of a system’s value creation is its overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). This is determined by three factors: Availability – Performance – Quality

Looking at overall equipment effectiveness provides a clear indication of whether you can maximise productivity and thus make system operation even more economical.

Product flyer for food and beverage industry
Product flyer for food and beverage industry Two Pager

Automation components for use in the food and beverage industry

Poster: Your partner for process automation
Poster: Your partner for process automation
MCS - Multi Carrier System
MCS - Multi Carrier System Maximum machine flexibility

With the innovative Multi-Carrier-System MCS, a joint development by Festo and Siemens, you are on the right track. The modular transport system can be integrated as appropriate into existing intralogistics and thus complement and in some cases replace classic transport solutions.

Maximum productivity: Terminal CPX.
Maximum productivity: Terminal CPX. Automation platform

CPX is ideal as automation platform, valve terminal partner or remote I/O - it is electric, open and direct. It is also the perfect platform for electrical peripherals. With CPX, you can integrate pneumatic and electrical control chains easily, quickly, flexibly and seamlessly into all automation concepts and company-specific standards.

Animation: Multi Carrier System
Animation: Multi Carrier System
Food safety and efficiency ...
Food safety and efficiency ...


... are key requirements for you. Our clever mix of solutions delivers the perfect ingredients for production facilities that produce high-quality food economically.

Angle seat valve VZXA
Angle seat valve VZXA Flexible in use

The VZXA easily adapts to the task in hand thanks to its range of variants, thus maximising flexibility and minimising the effort involved in designing your application. The carefully thought-out product architecture with its easy-to-clean design means valve bodies and actuators can be freely combined. The modular product concept makes it easier to modify and maintain systems without having to remove the entire valve.


Toothed belt and spindle axes ELGA
Toothed belt and spindle axes ELGA

ELGA – the perfect solution whenever you need a protected guide.

The complete series of linear axes with internal guides comes

in many variants with toothed belt or spindle drive for impressive

dynamic response, speed and power, while the different guides

ensure it can be used in a multitude of applications. The ELGA is

available as an individual axis or as a complete solution for

standard handling systems.

Clean Design standard cylinder DSBF
Clean Design standard cylinder DSBF Clever cushioning!

With smooth surfaces, large radii and dimensions to ISO 15552, the DSBF offers increased corrosion protection and can be used in a variety of applications. The basic design includes NSF-H1 lubrication and FDA-compliant seal material. Optional: unlubricated seal with self-adjusting cushioning PPS.

Polytetrafluoroethylene tubing PTFEN
Polytetrafluoroethylene tubing PTFEN
Dancer control
Dancer control Brief application example

Sample application

Stretch blow moulding of PET bottles
Stretch blow moulding of PET bottles Brief application example

Sample application

Decentralised installation concepts
Decentralised installation concepts Brief application example

Sample application

Hybrid rotary/linear module DSL-16- … -SA
Hybrid rotary/linear module DSL-16- … -SA

The universally suitable DSL-16-…-SA is just the right module when

it comes to tackling demanding rotary/lifting processes in the

smallest of spaces.

Boasting a compact design and offering a high level of functionality

and extremely flexible handling, it combines pneumatic stroke and

gripping motions with precisely adjustable and monitored electrical

rotation, making laboratory processes safe and reproducible.

D-FB1601 Optimum food production
D-FB1601 Optimum food production
World of Automation
World of Automation Competency from single components through to control systems.

Our multi-part static system presentation comprehensively shows

• how Festo products can be connected to and integrated in various fieldbus and Ethernet protocols around the world

• how the communication hierarchies are related to one another

• and which networking and installation concepts Festo supports: for fluid and motion control for factory and process automation (FA/PA)

White paper Food safety: food quality through high compressed air quality
White paper Food safety: food quality through high compressed air quality

Great care must always be taken when compressed air comes into contact with food, because compressed air is not clean by nature.   On the contrary, solids and particles are present almost everywhere in the form of dust in various concentrations. Water, in the form of natural atmospheric humidity, is released in large quantities when the compressed air cools down. And thus compressed air quality in accordance with the requirements of the respective application provides best possible safety for foods, consumers and food producers.


This white paper includes information on:

- Compressed air preparation and compressed air quality classes

- Filter cascades for typical applications

Catalogue for Process Automation
Catalogue for Process Automation
Quick Order Sheet: Perfect compressed air preparation
Quick Order Sheet: Perfect compressed air preparation for the food and beverage industry

Pre-configured service units MS series for the food and beverage industry

Multi-Carrier-System Innovative system solution to increase the flexibility of production processes

The new Multi-Carrier-System makes your production processes significantly more flexible. This configurable transport system can be freely integrated into your existing intralogistics and precisely synchronised with the process. It supplements traditional materials handling solutions exactly where it is needed in the process. The other conveyors remain unchanged. The integrated control concept allows control of the transport motions and motion control functions and the coordination of additional machine modules. The result is maximum machine flexibility.

Clean Design valve terminal MPA-C
Clean Design valve terminal MPA-C Clean Design

MPA-C is Clean Design to perfection. It is very easy to clean, highly corrosion resistant, extremely sturdy – and extremely functional. It boasts more valve functions, modular single sub-bases for maximum 32 valves or solenoid coils, protection class IP69K, FDA certified materials, fieldbus/Ethernet via CTEU – everything that you could ask for!

Vision sensors SBSI and compact vision systems SBO…-Q
Vision sensors SBSI and compact vision systems SBO…-Q Your productivity in focus: with industrial image processing from Festo

Machine vision systems from Festo make a decisive contribution to ensuring that the input and output are right. They monitor and stabilise processes, whether they’re reading codes or detecting positions for handling tasks. In some cases they even control the process itself. And they inspect quality from when the goods come in to when they are finished.


That makes your work easier. It makes your machines and systems more productive and flexible. And it further optimises the use of materials.


Find out more ...

White Paper: Tips for overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) in food and beverage production
White Paper: Tips for overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) in food and beverage production

Maximum availability is not something that happens by chance, it’s the result of forward-looking action. Processing food economically and at the right time is absolutely essential. Otherwise there is a risk that production has to be stopped and raw materials are wasted.

Taking overall equipment effectiveness into consideration provides clear guidance on how to maximise productivity, and thus on economic operation of the system. But which influencing factors affect overall equipment effectiveness and how to get started on the path to

Applications at Valensina Video, 2014, 2.25 min , EN MP4 HD
Servopneumatics When is it right to use servopneumatics? Your application decides!

The Festo product range, from controllers to drives, makes it extremely easy to implement servopneumatic systems. It is also perfect for integration into the CPX environment with universal fieldbus connection.

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