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Safety engineering guidelines
Safety engineering guidelines Pneumatic and electric solutions
Electrical engineering and Electronics – Everything from a single source
Electrical engineering and Electronics – Everything from a single source

Equipment for electrical engineering laboratories


Regardless of the control and drive technology used, electrical engineering always plays a role.


No matter what your training focuses on, electrical engineering and electronics are part of the basic knowledge for all areas of production, process and automation technology.


With learning systems from Festo Didactic, learning laboratories – be they modular, customised or complete – can be equipped for any application and budget, whether for industry or trades, for teaching basic principles, for building systems or control or drive technology.

New-found training vitality
New-found training vitality Training packages for electrical engineering and electronics
  • In particular those who are well trained have the best chances at finding interesting jobs.
  • Successful training is enjoyed by those who attend a well equipped school and are trained at a highly committed company.
  • Greatest learning success prevails when trainers and teachers are highly qualified, laboratories are suitably equipped, and training devices and media are well matched to each other.
  • The layout of the training laboratory is most successful when mutual planning is taken advantage of, and everything is supplied from a single source.

Logical consequence:
training concepts, equipment and learning systems from A to Z from a single source, namely Festo Didactic.

Electronics and Electrical Engineering
Electronics and Electrical Engineering Learning solutions for basic and advanced training

The guide includes both CE and non-CE products (from the LabVolt Series).

Keyword: Productivity
Keyword: Productivity "We are the engineers of productivity"

Our world is in constant motion - As your partner in automation, we want to guide you on the route to higher performance and help you be more efficient.

Services and support for maximum added value
Services and support for maximum added value Worldwide, competent, to the point

Benefit globally from faster processes, lower costs and maximum reliability - thanks to our first-class products and comprehensive range of services and support, from engineering to operation and modernisation.

The SLS-generated Soft Robotic Hand
The SLS-generated Soft Robotic Hand An Integrated Approach using Additive Manufacturing and Reinforcement Learning

To develop
a robotic system for a complex task
is a time- consuming process. Merging
methods available today, a new ap- proach for a faster realization of a multi-finger soft robotic hand is presented here. This
paper introduces a robotic hand with four fingers and 12 Degrees of Freedom
(DoFs) using bellow actuators. The hand is generated via Selective
Laser Sintering (SLS), an Additive Manufacturing method. The complex task execution of a specific action,
i.e. the lifting, rotating and precise positioning of a handling- object with this robotic hand, is used to structure
the whole develop- ment process. To
validate reliable functionality of the hand from the beginning, each development
stage is SLS-generated and the targeted task execution is trained
via Reinforcement Learning, a machine learning approach.
Optimization points are subsequently derived
and fed back into the hardware development. With this Concurrent
Engineering strategy a fast development of this robotic
hand is possible. The paper
outlines the relevant key strategies and gives insight into
the design process. At the end, the
final hand with its capabilities is presented and discussed.

D-AM1601 Intelligent parallel engine block assembly
D-AM1601 Intelligent parallel engine block assembly
Automation Technology Training Seminars
Automation Technology Training Seminars Designed for machine operators, factory technicians, and engineers
Product Service Life at Festo
Product Service Life at Festo Survival training for products from Festo – quality that ensures a long service life
Schematic Solution for EPLAN projects
Schematic Solution for EPLAN projects A real time saver!

This circuit diagram service for complete EPLAN projects is unique to Festo. Schematic Solution for EPLAN projects documents your configured solutions in next to no time! Simply enter your order code and receive the complete plan in just a few minutes – error-free and trouble-free. No more tedious searching for, downloading and piecing together individual components.

Safely on the way in the automotive and Tier 1 supplier industry
Safely on the way in the automotive and Tier 1 supplier industry Reach your destination of maximum machine availability and machine safety – without detours and safely.
Inventing a Micro Aerial Vehicle inspired by the mechanics of dragonfly flight
Inventing a Micro Aerial Vehicle inspired by the mechanics of dragonfly flight BionicOpter

Dragonfly flight is unique: Dragonflies can manoeuvre in all directions, glide without having to beat their wings and hover in the air. Their ability to move each of their four wings independently ena- bles them to slow down and turn abruptly, to accelerate swiftly and even to fly backwards. We looked into the mechanics of the dragonfly flight and managed to transfer its flight dynamics into an ultralight flying object: the Bionicüpter. With a wingspan of 63 cm and a body length of 44 cm, the model dragonfly weighs just 175 g. A brushless motor actuates the four wings and is used to alter the flapping fre- quency. Eight servo motors allow the amplitude and the twisting angle of each wing to be changed independently making the Bionicüpter almost as agile and fast as its natural role model. Here we present

how dragonfly flight dynamics can inspire future design of MAVs.

Your route to the right handling system (overview)
Your route to the right handling system (overview) The right handling system in just minutes - with the Handling Guide Online

Configure and order your standard handling system in record time with the new online tool "Handling Guide Online".

FACT Festo Authorized and Certified Training Centre

FACT associates your institution with the Festo brand – recognized globally as standing for engineering excellence, innovation, and leadership in industrial training. And your customers are prepared to pay for quality and relevance.

New functions
New functions Internet product catalog, Online Shop, Support Portal

Are you already familiar with our extensive support software for the following process steps?


- Selection and sizing

- Engineering design

- Ordering from the Online Shop

- Commissioning and after sales


Have a look at our latest developments aimed at helping you find the product you need faster.

Handling systems and Handling Guide Online
Handling systems and Handling Guide Online Three steps to your handling system

Festo offers you a diverse range of handling systems for a multitude of applications. With the online tool "Handling Guide Online", you can configure and order your standard handling system in record time.

Handling systems
Handling systems The whole range: standard, compact, highly dynamic and application specific

Festo offers you a diverse range of handling systems for a multitude of applications, from standard solutions for common applications through

to customised solutions. In addition, our ready-to-install systems, software and support services mean less work for you. We support you from the design stage through to installation and commissioning.

Servo drive CMMT-AS and servo motor EMMT-AS
Servo drive CMMT-AS and servo motor EMMT-AS Perfectly integrated!

The benefits of the new servo drives CMMT-AS and servo motors EMMT-AS are numerous: maximum connectivity of the hardware and software, great efficiency, clever engineering and easy operation. Dynamic motion and precise positioning, whether for point to point or interpolation, are additional plus points. Last but not least, the complete system is extremely quick and easy to commission.

Biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry
Biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry

A head start with specifi c automation solutions

The engineering services, modules, assemblies and products from

Festo provide you with answers for the implementation of modular,

scalable automation concepts for your systems. Whether you produce

active ingredients using biotechnological or chemical processes,

prepare formulations as a contract manufacturer or fi ll parenterals in

the clean room, consulting services, energy saving concepts, training

and products from Festo offer security, increase your productivity and

ensure highly reproducible product quality.

Bionics4Education Bionics Kit by Festo

Bionics, or bio-inspired engineering recognizes that nature has something to teach us.

For billions of years, nature has successfully engineered natural, adaptive technologies for its survival. The organisms and ecosystems we are surrounded by face many of the same challenges that we do.

Flexible loading in end line packaging
Flexible loading in end line packaging D-PC1601

We provide you with flexible automation solutions for your loading requirements, whether electric, pneumatic or a combination of both. With all components from a single source – from suction grippers and electric axis systems right up to CODESYS controllers. That allows you to implement dynamic loading processes with fast format changeovers, for example. And we provide you with additional support, from engineering to commissioning and operation.

Learning Systems
Learning Systems Software Simulation

PLC controls and technology training

Fluid Power training aid for instructors and design tool for engineers

3D simulation tool for practical PLC training

COSIMIR® for Robotics
3D simulation software for modeling and programming robotic workcells.

HGO_External Video_Americas_EN
Changi Water Reclamation Plant: Reliable remotecontrolled processes with solutions from Festo
Changi Water Reclamation Plant: Reliable remotecontrolled processes with solutions from Festo
Projects - User guide
Projects - User guide

Festo Projects is a cloud-based web application for the administration of components in machines and their life-cycle-management in the field of automation technology. Furthermore, Projects functions as a centralized col-laboration platform which enables an efficient cooperation throughout different departments and companies. Festo provides the user with relevant and configuration-specific engineering information. Thus, Projects also acts as a centralized data storage for automation projects, which contain detailed and structured information.

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