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Servicevideo: what is this ?
Servicevideo: what is this ? 5/11/2019 service2see channel


White Paper
White Paper 7/10/2019 Considerations for choosing pneumatic guided drives and slides

This whitepaper includes information on:

• How pneumatic guided drives and slides work

• Pneumatic or electric? Where pneumatic excels

• Guided drive or slide? Which to choose

• Customization possibilities: bearings, cushioning and more

• Models for special situations

• Sizing the drive or slide for your application

Safety Sub-Functions Pneumatic SET, PUS, Category 1, up to PL c
Safety Sub-Functions Pneumatic SET, PUS, Category 1, up to PL c 19/9/2019 Pneumatic SET, PUS, Category 1, up to PL c

Application Note for the realization of the safety sub-functions safe equilibrium of torque (SET) and prevention of an unexpected start-up (PUS) with category 1 and up to PL c. This Application Note contains a possible circuit for 5/3 directional control valves and pressure regulators.


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Pneumatic drives
Pneumatic drives

Perfect simulations replace expensive reality tests. GSED is an expert system that helps you select and configure the entire pneumatic control sequence. If an entered variable is changed, the program automatically adopts it for all further values.

Conversion of technical and physical units

Conversion of units:

- length

- area

- volume

- pressure

- flow rate

- temperature

- measure

- speed

- density

- Flow rate (Air)

- force by pressure and area (e.g. for cylinder force)

Pneumatic cylinders
A pneumatic cylinder is a component which carries out a movement using compressed air as the medium. Cylinder types The range of pneumatic cylinders is divided into the following types. Cylinders with piston rod Rodless cylinders (linear drives) ...
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