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Textile industry
Textile industry 6/13/2019

Products from the core product range from Festo make it easy for you to increase the productivity of your textile machines. Whether the need is for spinning, stretch texturing, weaving, round knitting, flat knitting or textile finishing – Festo offers the right product for your application.

BionicWorkplace 3/26/2018 Human-robot collaboration with artificial intelligence

A pneumatic robot arm, artificial intelligence and intuitive operating concepts enable safe and efficient human–robot collaboration for production in batch size 1.

Operating instructions DMSP/MAS-EN 1/23/2018 Operating - Fluidic muscle

Associated products

  • Fluidic muscle DMSP-10- - (541403)
  • Fluidic muscle DMSP-20- - (541404)
  • Fluidic muscle DMSP-40- - (541405)
  • Fluidic muscle DMSP-5- - (3733012)
  • Fluidic muscle MAS-10- - (534201)
  • Fluidic muscle MAS-10-N- -AA-MCFK (187594)
  • Fluidic muscle MAS-10-N- -AA-MOFK (187595)
  • Fluidic muscle MAS-20- - (534202)
  • Fluidic muscle MAS-20-N- -AA-MCGK (187618)
  • Fluidic muscle MAS-20-N- -AA-MCHK (187617)
  • Fluidic muscle MAS-20-N- -AA-MOHK (187619)
  • Fluidic muscle MAS-40- - (534203)
  • Fluidic muscle MAS-40-N- -AA-MCIK (187606)
  • Fluidic muscle MAS-40-N- -AA-MCKK (187605)
  • Fluidic muscle MAS-40-N- -AA-MOKK (187607)

Top downloads

DMSP/MAS Product Flyer

Here you find information regarding application possibilities of the fluidic muscle DMSP/MAS. Fluidic Muscle is a membrane contraction system or a tube which contracts under pressure.

DMSP/MAS Established areas of application

Here you find information regarding the benefits of the fluidic muscle DMSP/MAS in different applications as well as technical data.

Fluidic Muscle DMSP with press-fitted connectors
Fluidic Muscle DMSP with press-fitted connectors
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