Festo Features Digital Pneumatics in North America at Assembly 2017

Festo Features Digital Pneumatics in North America at Assembly 2017

The digital-pneumatic VTEM Motion Terminal lowers supply chain costs, brings new machines and products to market faster, and fundamentally changes the pneumatic-motion-control paradigm.
An Overview of the VTEM Motion Terminal

Festo Features at Assembly 2017, Rosemont, IIL., October 24-26, the VTEM Motion Terminal, the world’s first cyber-physical pneumatic-motion-control system. The VTEM’s first-of-its-kind digital valves change functionality based on various combinations of downloadable motion apps and conforms to the National Science Foundation’s definition of a cyber-physical system (CPS) as engineered systems that are built from, and depend upon, the seamless integration of computational algorithms and physical components. Festo is one of the world’s leading automation suppliers in manufacturing and processing. (Festo Assembly 2017 Booth # 931)


The capabilities of the VTEM Motion Terminal enable:

  • Higher machine utilization
  • Better energy efficiency
  • Greater flexibility
  • Faster time to market for both machine builders and end users
  • A reduction in the number of components to purchase, install, and maintain

The VTEM platform is modular and reconfigurable – thereby meeting two important criteria for Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)-based systems. The platform was designed for environments that gain a competitive advantage through:

  • Manufacture of short-lifecycle products
  • Efficient production of many stock keeping units (SKUs)
  • Small-lot-size production

The components of the VTEM Motion Terminal include digitally controlled flexible valves, an integrated processor, Ethernet communications, electrical inputs for fast control of specific analog and digital applications, and integrated pressure, stroke, and temperature sensors for data analysis. The VTEM Motion Terminal, in development for three years, will be sold in either four-valve or eight-valve platforms. Product shipments will commence December 2017.  


The VTEM Motion Terminal

- Directional control simulating the functions of the most utilized valves

- Proportional directional control valve

- Soft stop

- Proportional pressure regulation

- Model-based proportional pressure regulation

- Eco drive

- Selectable pressure level

- Leakage diagnostics

- Supply and exhaust air flow control

- Presetting travel time


Ten motion apps are in the initial release with an additional 40 planned. Each app makes parameterization of a function faster and easier than current systems. The apps in the first release provide the following functionalities:


“The VTEM is more than a one-to-one substitution of physical for cyber-based control,” said Sandro Quintero, Product Manager - Valve Terminals & Electronics for Festo. “The VTEM Motion Terminal’s capabilities cost effectively move pneumatics into areas now served by servo pneumatics and servo electrics. The integration of sensor technology within the digital valves takes system monitoring and machine utilization to a higher level. Revolutionary correctly defines the VTEM Motion Terminal.” Quintero will present, “Digitalization and the Future of Intelligent Pneumatics,” at 1 p.m. on Wednesday October 25 Learning Track 1 meeting rooms.


Festo will also display a full complement of pneumatic and electric motion solutions for the assembly industry, including safety valves, grippers, actuators, servo controlled systems, and IO-Link. Don’t miss the Festo Booth # 931. Visit a new section on the Festo website devoted to digital pneumatics. Festo invites attendees to Pub Night 5-7 p.m. on Wednesday, October 25 for food, drinks, gaming, and virtual reality.




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