ELGA – the perfect solution whenever you need a protected guide.

The complete series of linear axes with internal guides comes

in many variants with toothed belt or spindle drive for impressive

dynamic response, speed and power, while the different guides

ensure it can be used in a multitude of applications. The ELGA is

available as an individual axis or as a complete solution for

standard handling systems.

Overview EGC family

The EGC family at a glance with technical features and variants, as well as optional safety elements and relevant motors and controllers.

Reliable, dynamic and always the correct force: this precise and powerful handling and assembly device combines the gripping and feeding of press-fit plug connectors with an integrated assembly process. Two-way monitoring – visually and as a function of force and displacement – ensures that all the pins have been press-fitted with the appropriate force and are located correctly.

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Fast, cost-effective and versatile: The intelligent vision system SBOI-Q controls an electrical handling unit via an integrated PLC. The system analyzes an image against reference data and uses this to calculate the correct positions for the X and Z axes of the handling unit. There is no need for an additional controller, which makes the installation as a whole less complex.

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With Corrosion-Resistant Steel Toothed Belt
Compact movement!

When it comes to compact dimensions and optimised installation space, the low-cost axis series ELGC is ideal. These features are a clear advantage in assembly systems, test and inspection systems, small parts handling, the electronics industry and desktop applications. The spindle and toothed belt axes are suitable for all horizontal and vertical movements, and are the perfect complement to the guide axis ELFC or the mini slide EGSC.

Belt Driven. Protected, Compact, High Speed.
Important criteria when choosing technology

This white paper describes the important points to bear in

mind when it comes to choosing the right technology.

Brief application example

Sample application

Product selection overview
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