This white paper contains information on:

  • Functional differences between the various systems
  • Key factors and selection aids for selecting a handling system
  • Cartesian handling systems in an overview




Cartesian handling system for high-speed picker
High Performance Robotic Controller for up to 6 Degrees of Freedom with 3D Interpolation Capability, Suitable for Cartesian Robots and Other Kinematics.

On a novel pneumatic four-finger gripper with three degrees of freedom per finger we apply reinforcement learning to learn dexter- ous manipulation of objects. In order to reduce the search space, we implemented hierarchical learning on two levels. Low-level learning is used for basic movement primitives like grabbing, lifting or rotation of an object around three cartesian axes, whereas in high-level learning we use the already learned low-level actions to find a policy that ena- bles the gripper to move a target point on the surface of a sphere to the top position in a few seconds. It turns out that Q-learning with a finite state- and action space solves the learning task very well.

Programming handling systems

When machine builders partner with subsystem specialists to simplify and streamline their equipment design, engineering, production, and support, they can save large amounts of time and, in many cases, up to 50 percent of costs — helping to boost profitability and customer satisfaction.


Motion Control with CPX
3D High Speed Pick & Place
Brief application example

Sample application:

Fast, precise and fully automated handling of fragile solar cells


Battery cells in pouch design are picked from a conveyor belt and placed in a module carrier. The module assembly station combines the individual battery cells to form a battery sub-module. In order to compensate for the expansion which occurs during battery operation, the battery cells (pouch cells) are held centrally in the clamping frame by their fold. The cell is pre-centred by the electric parallel gripper and then gripped over a large area with the vacuum gripper. The sequence is insertion of clamping frame, insertion of pouch cell, insertion of clamp frame. The picture does not show the clamping of the clamping frame.

Three steps to your handling system

Festo offers you a diverse range of handling systems for a multitude of applications. With the online tool "Handling Guide Online", you can configure and order your standard handling system in record time.

Robotics without a control cabinet

Robotics is getting ready for Industry 4.0 with the high-speed handling system EXPT with CPX/EMCA. CPX control technology from Festo for an IP65/67 environment and the numerous functions included in the new “integrated drive” EMCA facilitate robotic functionality without a control cabinet that is close to revolutionary. The pioneering combination of standard and cost-effective components is further enhanced by the latest Festo hardware and software. And it offers even more:


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