Series products for the clean room
  • Tested to VDI 2083-9.1
  • Classified to ISO 14644
Encapsulated linear actuator for use in clean room environments
Frictionless movement thanks to superconductive bearings

With the three exhibits SupraLinearMotion, SupraHandling and SupraPicker, Festo demonstrates the technology's potential for the industrial automation of tomorrow, showcasing contactless, linear movement, positioning in the level plane and handling in an hermetically sealed room.

What is a cleanroom (definition, norms, standards)?
How are products tested for suitability for cleanrooms?
In which areas and applications are cleanrooms necessary?
Under which conditions are series products suitable for cleanrooms?

A head start with specifi c automation solutions

The engineering services, modules, assemblies and products from

Festo provide you with answers for the implementation of modular,

scalable automation concepts for your systems. Whether you produce

active ingredients using biotechnological or chemical processes,

prepare formulations as a contract manufacturer or fi ll parenterals in

the clean room, consulting services, energy saving concepts, training

and products from Festo offer security, increase your productivity and

ensure highly reproducible product quality.

The Festo customer magazine

In focus: Time

A concise overview of the extensive range of Festo products and services.

Cover story: When things start to think - Intelligent products and processes

Cover story: Powering change - Ideas for greater energy efficiency

Superconductors in automation

SupraMotion – new applications with superconductivity for the industrial automation of the future.

Superconductors and their potential for industrial automation

Contactless movement of hovering objects thanks to superconductor technology. In all directions and positions as well as in sealed spaces. Under the heading SupraMotion 2.0, Festo presents three more research platforms: SupraHandling 2.0, SupraShuttle and SupraChanger.

A skyscraper that makes an exclamation mark and enables top

performances day after day: with the AutomationCenter, an outstanding building has been developed – one whose architecture communicates company values such as responsibility and vision. But more than that, the AutomationCenter is also a clear commitment by Festo to Germany and the region.

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