Distributed I/O System with CP Interface
3rd Generation: Highly Compact and Economical
Overview of CPX modular valve terminals
Cost-effective Universal I/O Modules
EtherNet/IP Bus Node CPX-FB36
EtherNet/IP Bus Node CPX-FB36

High Performance Function Integration for EtherNet/IP

For Servo Motors
For Servo Motors
For Stepper Motors
High Performance Computing and Control
I/O electrical connections, with new 32 and 62 mm flange dimensions, and new 22:1 gear unit ratio.
field bus / Industrial Ethernet

The driving force behind progress in Industrial automation in the last 20 years has without doubt been the networking of automation products via bus systems. The importance of industrial communication within machines and installations is increasing exponentially, especially in the context of recent Industry 4.0 (Internet of Things, IoT) discussions. Networking is decentralised from its starting point – communication at control system level – down to the connection of front-end devices, sensors and actuators, which perhaps already feature decentralised intelligence.

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