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2010; 1.31 min

New age in handling technology: Dynamics of a linear motor handling system with the costs of a toothed belt handling solution.

The gripper is suited for use in pick and place applications where there are fine particulates or dirt in the air.
3D High Speed Pick & Place

pick and place, gluing, dosing, screwing, dispensing, testing

Brief application example

Quality inspection of bipolar plates for fuel cells

Brief application example

 Multifunctional palletiserfor watch production

Article from customer magazine 1.2014

Power out of the box:

Quality testing of bipolar plates for fuel cells

Article from customer magazine 2.2014

Faster palletising with the delta robot EXPT

For maximum system performance.

Having our specialists commission your axis systems brings a variety of advantages – it is fast, reliable and ensures that everything matches together perfectly. This guarantees the harmonious interaction between your axis systems and your production line

The combination of a semi-rotary drive and a slotted guide system produces a compact unit for a complete pick & place cycle at an angle of 90°.
The whole range: standard, compact, highly dynamic and application specific

Festo offers you a diverse range of handling systems for a multitude of applications, from standard solutions for common applications through

to customised solutions. In addition, our ready-to-install systems, software and support services mean less work for you. We support you from the design stage through to installation and commissioning.

Three steps to your handling system

Festo offers you a diverse range of handling systems for a multitude of applications. With the online tool "Handling Guide Online", you can configure and order your standard handling system in record time.

The HSP is suited for a wide variety of pick & place applications, requiring operation in extremely small spaces, at high speeds
2010; 2.09 min Display PD6051, Products: Rotary lifting module EHMB, High-Speed Pick & Place HSW
Cartesian handling system for high-speed picker
0.55 min
The right handling system in just minutes - with the Handling Guide Online

Configure and order your standard handling system in record time with the new online tool "Handling Guide Online".

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