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Festo CAD plugin for Solid Edge ST2-ST8 4/27/2017 Assure a reliable link between the Festo PARTdataManager and your Solid Edge.

A Festo menu is added to your CAD system, by means of which part selection is seamlessly integrated.



• Much faster component modelling with matings

• No additinal application is needed

• Use of your own system templates

• Individualised configuration of interface settings


Supported CAD system versions: Solid Edge V20, ST2 - ST8


Please note: Festo PARTdataManager has to be installed.

2017 (V10.00 SP5 Build 150294)
Servicevideos 2/28/2017 service2see


Function blocks Omron 11/30/2016 FHPP Function blocks for motor controller - Omron

Function blocks for

OMRON Sysmac Studio V1.13 (FHPP Version 1.3.0)

to use with Omron NJ301 and NJ501 PLCs to support different motor controllers.


Supported systems:

  • Integrated Drive EMCA-EC-67 (1509036)
  • Motor controller CMMD-AS-C8-3A (561406)
  • Motor controller CMMO-ST-C5-1-LKP (1512320)
  • Motor controller CMMP-AS-C10-11A-P3-M3 (1501328)
  • Motor controller CMMP-AS-C15-11A-P3-M3 (3215473)
  • Motor controller CMMP-AS-C20-11A-P3 (1366842)
  • Motor controller CMMP-AS-C2-3A-M3 (1501325)
  • Motor controller CMMP-AS-C5-11A-P3-M3 (1501327)
  • Motor controller CMMP-AS-C5-3A-M3 (1501326)
  • Motor controller CMMS-AS-C4-3A-G2 (572986)
  • Motor controller CMMS-ST-C8-7-G2 (572211)

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Where can you obtain CAD data for Festo products? On the DVD-ROM version of the product catalogue from Festo, you can find CAD models of the products in all standard neutral formats.Our online catalogue provides up-to-date CAD data for almost all ...
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FluidDraw P5 trial version

Compared to the full version the trial version does not allow:

  • To save new created projects or files.
  • To edit existing projects or files.
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