Small but powerful member of the family

Small but powerful member of the family

Servo drive CMMT-ST from Festo as a real alternative
The CMMT-ST is ideal for continuous power requirements of up to 300 W while very little installation space is needed.

The compact servo drive   CMMT-ST from Festo is the baby brother of the CMMT-AS. Both have their   strengths when it comes to dynamic motion. This   includes point-to-point and interpolating motion in demanding applications in   assembly and handling technology, in packaging machines or in the electronics   industry. The small CMMT-ST is ideal for continuous power requirements of up   to 300 W, while its compact   design means it takes up very little installation space.


The CMMT-ST is based on the same platform as the CMMT-AS, and enables challenging dynamic motions for small servo motors and all stepper motors with a continuous power requirement of up to 300 W. It requires less cooling than its big brother with a power capacity of 2.5 kW and needs just half the installation space. It is particularly suitable for various Ethernet-based bus systems and can be seamlessly integrated into the controller environments of different manufacturers. It works best in combination with the stepper motor EMMS-ST from Festo.


Quick commissioning

Commissioning the CMMT-ST takes just a few minutes with the Festo Automation Suite. Though more compact and much cheaper than its big brother, the CMMT-AS, the connection and communication concept, functional modules and standard safety features remain unchanged. The consistent control concept means that users can combine the CMMT-AS and CMMT-ST as a servo drive for both large and small axes.


The free Festo Automation Suite is the main software of the constantly expanding Festo Automation Platform, which is entering the automation market with numerous new products and solutions from the mechanical system to the cloud. It combines the parameterisation, programming and maintenance of electric components from Festo in one program. It also enables the entire drive package, from the mechanical system to the controller, to be commissioned in just a few intuitive steps.


Seamless connectivity

The servo drive CMMT-ST is an important part of the Festo philosophy of seamless connectivity, i.e. the ability to connect a workpiece completely through to the cloud, from its mechanical connections and electrical interfaces to commissioning and controller programming. Festo thus simplifies the work of every machine builder and automation engineer when it comes to connecting the mechanical and electric technology, as well as the control levels and their interfaces with the hardware and software.




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CMMT-ST Servo drive CMMT-ST – the compact extra-low voltage servo drive for extremely economical positioning and motion. (Photo: Festo AG & Co. KG)