FluidDraw P5 Full version (phased out in 2019)
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Software de dimensionamiento
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Version 5.3x from 02/21/2020


1. Avoids a false message that the file could not be saved correctly.

Version 5.3w vom 05.02.2020


1. Ist die Educational-Version abgelaufen, erscheint nun eine entsprechende Meldung.

2. Die Anzahl der Leitungen im Dialog „Mehrere Verbindungsleitungen“ ist von 16 auf 500 erhöht.

3. Beim neu Nummerieren der Kabel ist jetzt der maximale Startwert von 100 auf 999999999 gesetzt.

4. Behebt einen Fehler beim Zeichnen von horizontalen Verbindungslinien.

5. Die Wibu-CodeMeter-Treiber in der 7.x werden unterstützt.

Version 5.3v 08/22/2019

1.When using certain characters in symbol descriptions, the corresponding library could sometimes not be loaded.
2.Page references in parts lists were sometimes lost when renaming pages.
3.Supplied extract from the Festo Product Catalog has been updated.
4.When clicking on objects in very large drawings, the window view sometimes jumped to the upper left corner.
5.Some adoptions to high resolution monitors have been made.

Version 5.3u 06/26/2018

1. Attribute links were not adjusted when project attributes were renamed.
2. Sometimes the translation of the sheets and BOMs did not work when changing the catalog language (only affects the starter version)
3. The background update has been improved.
4. Prevents a program error during menu selection without active sheet.

5. Sometimes, tubes did not appear in parts lists.

Version 5.3r 09/15/2017


1. Rounding error in print function fixed.
2. In text objects, the “Enter” key normally inserts a line break. If you rather like to close the dialog by “Enter” you can set the registry key “CloseTextboxOnEnter” (HKCU) to the value “True”. In this case a line break can be inserted by “Ctrl” + “Enter”.
3. Wire links were sometimes not drawn correctly in terminal diagrams.

Version 5.3t 04/26/2018

1.The symbol library and the provided product data base have been updated.
2.Bugfix for PDF export with large embedded images.
3.Circles with transparent background are now exported correctly to PDF.
4.Multiline attribute texts are now exported correctly to PDF.
5.When saving a project as new, sometimes not all properties were adopted.
6.Bugfix for DXF import with ASCII encoding.
7.Bugfix for DXF export of arrows.
8.When moving objects by the cursor keys, the grid snap can be deactivated by pressing and holding the Ctrl key.
9.When inserting shopping carts, sorting list items could lead to line swapping.
10.The “Edit…” button in the “Select drawing frame” dialog is enabled for user-defined frames.
11.If user-defined components contained a Festo part number, catalog attributes were sometimes not listed correctly in parts lists.

Version 5.3q 07/03/2017

 1. Sometimes, the order of terminals of a terminal strip was not saved correctly.
 2. The assignment of terminals and cables was sometimes not correct after duplicating a page.
 3. Sometimes, the exchange of a logo bitmap within a drawing frame was not stored correctly.
 4. After cancelling the piston length dialog of the insert dialog, an item with the amount of "0" was added.
 5. The dialog for adding a symbol to a custom database now shows all custom libraries. In case of assigning a symbol which does not match the selected database, the symbol is automatically copied to the corresponding custom library.
 6. The identcode text is now placed better, so that it does not interfere with connectors. Moreover, the text is no longer part of the symbol group, so that it can be moved without ungrouping the symbols.
 7. The list box for selecting the main component of a sub-symbol is wider, so that also long designation strings can be read.
 8. Designation rules, the cross-reference representation and the language of projects and pages can now be copied from global settings of the options menu. As a default, page and project properties are no longer inherited from the global settings at runtime so that the representation is not dependent on  individual settings of

a PC. However, this behavior can be changed by setting the registry entry "InheritFromGlobalOptions" (HKCU) to the value "True".
 9. After resetting to factory settings, "Insert from product catalog" did not work until next FluidDraw start.
10. When inserting from Festo Quick Search, objects are now placed on the active page, if possible.
11. Objects inserted from file could sometimes overlap.
12. The drawing frame file was not always found if a page was not part of a project.
13. Two terminals that are connected by a bridge did not appear as targets in the terminal assignment diagram.
14. The link to the Wibu WebAdmin from within the license dialog did sometimes not work.
15. Predefined attributes of custom databases cannot be erroneously renamed.
16. The input area as well as the character map of the text object now consider the delected font.
17. DXF import improved and new options added.
18. In order to avoid confusion, page numbering can optionally skip letters "I" and "O".
19. A warning is shown if translation tables contain numbers or designations as text IDs.
20. The insert dialog now shows translations for custom translation tables.
21. The translation table is now available in the parts list view.
22. Column widths within translation tables are calculated better.
23. Some column headers were not translated if the target language was not available as program language but only as product catalog language.
24. For symbols that consist of a group a text element holding the product data is inserted even if the option "Insert symbols with type attribute" is disabled.
25. In the drawing layer dialog, the layer properties can be adopted from another page. The page selection dialog now shows the project pages in hierarchical view instead of a flat list.
26. The browse attribute dialog now shows all objects in hierarchical view. Moreover, the dialog considers the page language and translation tables, if available.
27. The scale operation is automatically switched off for very tiny objects in order to avoid unintentional scaling or rotating when trying to move the objects. The tolerance can be adjusted with the registry entry "AutoScaleMinSize" (HKCU). The value '0' switches off the automatic.
28. The function "Enable scale" has to be activated explicitly. Until now, for drawing elements and tables the scale mode was entered automatically if the mouse cursor was close to an edge. This automatic can be re-activated by the Registry entry "AutoScaleMode" (HKCU).
29. The warning for duplicated connector labels is suppressed if the corresponding superordinated objects have different designations.
30. The option "Object appears in parts lists" of the common properties dialog was not applied for macro objects.
31. Assigning pen properties did sometimes not work for dimensioning.
32. Zoom factor and scroll positions are stored in addition to window positions on exit.
33. Project texts export no longer contains designations but project description, page descriptions and folder descriptions of the project tree.
34. Unplaced objects were sometimes updated with a delay.
35. When inserting Festo products, the type is automatically applied as identcode if there is no identcode assigned. This automatic can be switched off by the Registry entry "SetTypeAttribAsIdentCode" (HKCU).
36. The option "foreground/background" is now also available for text objects. Thus, e.g. texts within drawing frames can be placed in background.
37. CSV import is more tolerant of column delimiters.
38. The project tree was sometimes not updated completely.
39. Archiving projects could overwrite the original files in rare cases.
40. Layout bug in print dialog resolved.
41. In case there is no license available when launching FluidDraw, all currently running FluidDraw instances including user and computer names are listed.
42. When inserting identcodes from clipboard, product data are assigned in addition to symbol expansion, if internet access is available.
43. The designation of copied sub-objects was sometimes not applied correctly.
44. Alignment of grouped objects did not always place corresponding texts correctly.
45. Parts list cells with "read-only" attribute could sometimes be edited. However, the changes did not have any effect.
46. Calculation of macro extensions improved.
47. The last data set of shopping cards was sometimes not processed.

Version 5.3p 11/29/2016 (Hotfix)


1. The cable’s attribute texts sometimes could disappear.

2. Symbols that made use of the new terminator type “exhaust without connection” sometimes lost the connection lines of their other connectors.

3. Bug fix to Identcode expansion of MSB service units.

Version 5.3p 10/27/2016


1. Speeds up loading of projects with a lot of unplaced objects.

2. Bug fixed: Sometimes bitmaps rotated by 90 or 270 degrees were not displayed correctly.

3. Bug fixed: Moving of folders within the project hierarchy sometimes did not work correctly (Professional version only).

4. Inherited parts of designations now are updated correctly after reorganisation of project hierarchy (Professional version only).

die Professional-Version).

5. Fixed problems on retrieving the paper format from some printer drivers.

6. The scroll pane is automatically adjusted to the content.

7. With the DXF export the paper orientation can be selected manually - in addition to the automatic.

8. Now catalogue properties tab is available for the drawing elements (circle, rectangle, etc.), too.

9. Solves a problem of disappearance of designation texts in some cases after editing common properties of these texts.

10. Latest opened custom product database and translation table remain open after restart of FluidDraw (Professional version only).

11. In some cases the designation of components contained in a parts list file was not imported.

12. Now all attribute values from a custom product database are applied in case supplier is “Festo” but part number is not contained in the Festo catalogue.

13.” Renumber designations” now considers all pages of the project and fills gaps in the numbering

14. Creates circuit diagrams for valve terminal configurations of typ 35P (MPAC).

15. Contains some new and corrected symbols.

16. Default drawing frames now contain system variables for project description, installation and location.

17. Speeds up updating parts lists of large projects.

18. Scaled texts are calculated correctly for DXF exports now.

19. Now the symbol for vented cap end without the possibility of a connection is available for pneumatic connectors if the basic symbol is suitable.

20. Connectors dialogue now offers direct access to its product properties (silencer, blind plug).

Version 5.3o 06/03/2016


1. In the automatic connection line identification the colon between the component and connector is suppressed, if the connector has no identification.

2. The DXF import has been improved.

3. Fitting to window sometimes did not work correctly at higher resolutions.

4. BOM columns were sometimes not correctly merged.

5. Automatically frame identification did not always work. (Starter version only)

6. The direction of rotation of the mouse wheel zooming can be reversed.

7. Two new system variables are available: "%ProjectDescription" and "%ParentDescription". In a multistage hierarchy variable may be extended, in the following way: "%ParentParentDescription", etc.

8. "Insert From File.." now considers Custom Product Databases in case a corresponding supplier is registerd.

9. There is an option at parts list properties dialogue which allows to overwrite catalogue attribute by a user defined attributes of same name. If conflicts occur then there are two columns.

10. Custom Product Database or Translation table last opened will be displayed by default when you next open corresponding selection dialogue.

11. With user defined basic unit length connection lines and electric labels were shown not always correct.

12. Improves the appearance of some valve bodies at the configurable valves.

13. Filled rectangles are displayed correctly at DXF exports.

14. Bitmap export improved.

Version 5.3n 08/12/2015


1. The contact image representation was sometimes not correct. (Professional version only).
2. In order to avoid unintended moving and editing of connector labels, a new menu item "Protect connector texts" under "Edit" is available.
3. Some symbols have been corrected.
4. After "Save as..." of projects the subsequently entered properties were not applied.
5. DXF import has now scaling facilities.
6. The inherited parts of cross references and contact images can be suppressed optionally (page and page number).
7. Some adoptions to high resolution monitors have been made.
8. An interruption display error has been rectified.
9. The catalog's search dialog selects the last applied data base as default. (Professional version only).
10. Cross-project terminal diagrams were sometimes refreshed with a delay.
11. The sort order of terminal strip terminals was sometimes not correct.
12. Internal and external terminal targets were sometimes not displayed correctly..
13. The terminal strip dialog now remembers its scroll position.
14. The automatic arrow direction of interruptions can be switched on and off by the registry entry "AutoLineDirection" (HKCU).
15. Object designations are now displayed in the Starter version by default.
16. DXF Import has been improved.
17. Parts list management has been improved.
18. Translation tables were not updated if the file extension was changed. (Professional version only).
19. The Demo version now supports jumping to interruption and cross-reference targets.



Version 5.3m 10/09/2015


1. Bug fix for drawing connection lines with certain basic unit length.

2. Changing basic unit length does not effect drawing frame.

3. "Save as" did not delete temporary files.

4. Blanking plugs and silencers on some valve terminal symbols are now removed automatically as soon as a line is connected to it.

5. Extract project texts now considers connection line attributes.

6. When jumping to inherited attributes within projects sometimes not the correct line was marked in the project properties dialogue.

7. Open the context menu could disappear lines in rare cases.

8. The unplaced objects were sometimes not updated.

9. Fixed a display bug in connection with interruptions/potentials.

10. ESC button now also closes component properties dialog.

11. Option "Allow connections between same connector types only" now also effects interruptions/potentials.

12. Options "Display Identification" and "Display in Parts List" are disabled by default.

13. "Anchor Position" now also works with cable lists and tube lists.

14. Copy cell contents with "Ctrl-C" improved.

15. Many symbols have been updated.

16. Supplied extract from the Festo product catalogue has been updated.

17. By default circuit window opens maximized and fitted. This can be turned off via the registry entry "OpenFilesMaximized".

18. Jumping to cross-reference was not possible sometimes.

19. Cross-references that have been created using the context menu of an object will now be selected, moved and deleted with this object.

20. Export of texts for translation tables can now also be carried out with the active page only, without a project.

21. In accumulated parts lists column "Location" was sometimes not correctly summarized.

22. Print out of project pages did not work correctly in some cases.

23. Attributes of pages with their own drawing frames were sometimes not inherited from the project.

24. In multilingual projects in conjunction with translation tables some columns have been filled in incorrectly.

25. Find target of page attributes sometimes led mistakenly to the parent node.

26. The page numbers can be renumbered in the project tree.

27. For tube lists is also a compact representation available (Professional version only).

28. At parts list new attributes, "Target ID from" and "Target ID to", available indicating the respective destinations of a connection line.

29. The display of the identification of source targets in reports sometimes was not correct at macro objects.

30. The direction of the arrow from interruption/potential will now automatically kept consistent. (Professional version only).

31. Connection lines can optionally receive an automatic identification.

32. The cross-reference representation has two additional attributes (target and destination port) (Professional version only).

33. potential and interruption points are automatically numbered.

34. When hatching with transparent background rectangles were sometimes completely filled.

35. Renumbering designations treats secondary symbols appropriately.

36. Improves the displacement of the attribute text when you move the associated line.

37. Modified identification of several selected components (common properties) was not completely applied. (Professional version only).

Version 5.3l 01/28/2015


1. Page tabs were not translated when changing the project language.

2. Bug fix for PDF output.

3. Bug fix for placing objects on the page grid..

4. Sometimes, a T-connector was not inserted on the grid properly.

5. Automatic placement of contact images has been improved.

6. New drawing warning for inaccurate overlapping connectors.

7. Drawing frame can be edited easier and the company logo can be exchanged quicker.

8. Invisible objects are not considered for the print area calculation.

9. Some symbols were not inserted with Festo Quick Search import.

10. Some symbols and symbol descriptions have been updated.