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Version 6.1b ( 09/22/2020


1.When editing multiple texts using the common properties, the position was not always calculated correctly.

2.When moving objects using the cursor keys, the page’s grid width is now taken into account.

3.When inserting parts with order codes via customer part numbers, sometimes no symbols were created.

4.After selecting a customer part number, the same part could not be inserted at the same time with a different customer part number.

5.The stored order codes can now be changed manually when selecting a customer part number

6.Contains some database updates.

7.If an report is sent to the Festo online shopping cart, the order codes are always transmitted, even if the corresponding columns in the report are not selected

8.The identcodes of the catalog attributes can be changed by the user in the properties dialog. There is a new “Edit” icon above the attribute table for this purpose.

9.The displayed value of the “Type” attribute in reports did not always correspond to the value entered for the symbol.


Version 6.1a ( 08/19/2020


1. The font selection dialog did not always show the installed fonts.

2. When selecting preconfigured modular symbols via a customer part number, only a text was inserted instead of the symbol.

3. The supplied extract from the Festo product catalogue was updated.

4. Sub-objects were sometimes linked not to the main objects but to secondary objects, which resulted in a misleading warning.

5.The dialog for managing reference designations no longer worked in version 6.1

6. Chinese characters were not always shown in the PDF export.

7. Several languages were added and revised.

8. Attribute text positioning of distributed valve terminals improved.

Version 6.1 ( 07/07/2020


1. The supplied extract from the Festo product catalogue and the symbol library have been updated.
2. Fixed position numbers can be managed for projects, which are assigned automatically or manually for selected product properties.
3. Supports the single-pole representation of electrical symbols.
4. When assigning catalog properties to a secondary symbol, a false warning appeared that objects with the same label exist.
5. The product selection from the catalog now allows the selection of alternative symbols and associated sub-objects of a part number.
6. A secondary object with a corresponding symbol can be inserted directly via the context menu.
7. The PDF export now contains the project structure as bookmarks.
8. Adds more entries for cables and connections to the context menu of the jump targets.
9. When duplicating project pages, attribute references in the drawing frame could refer to the attributes of the original page.
10. If a main symbol is deleted to which secondary symbols refer, a suitable secondary symbol can optionally be defined as main symbol.
11. No more unplaced objects are created for secondary symbols.
12. Some program settings were reset after opening the options dialog
13. Symbol folders can be opened as a library via drag & drop.
14. In the cable symbol dialog, not only all but also selected wire directions can now be reversed.
15. The property “Appears in parts lists” can now also be set for secondary symbols.
16. When changing the terminal level in the dialog of the corresponding terminal strip, the level display on the terminal was not always updated.
17. The default direction of lines depends on other already connected lines of the same connected objects. Accordingly, the assigned terminal strip of a newly set terminal is determined by other existing terminals.
18. In the terminal strip dialog, all or selected terminal directions can now be reversed.
19. After changing the associated cable in the cable symbol dialog, the attributes to be displayed were not updated correctly. In addition, they were not always saved correctly and had to be set again after opening the project.
20. There is a new tab in the common properties dialog where displayed attributes can be selected.
21. The arrow directions of the interruptions are now also displayed if no line is connected.
22. When valve terminals are distributed over several sheets, the display of the line attributes is retained.
23. The setting “Adopt drawing size from drawing frame” was sometimes not applied.
24. The selection filters for connections, connecting lines and T-distributors have been adapted.
25. If three unsuccessful attempts are made to select an object that cannot be selected due to the selection filter, a message appears.
26. Improves the display of not solid lines in SVG export.
27. Prevents double designations of components after pasting from the clipboard.
28. For text framing, additional styles are available: “Rounded rectangle”, “Stadium shape” and “Ellipse”.
29. The sorting criteria are now also applied within the cells of a grouped report.
30. In the project and page properties, you can specify certain object attributes to be displayed automatically. The global options “Insert symbols with type attribute” and “Use type attribute as order code” are removed.
31. Improves the output quality of circles and ellipses when exporting files.
32. The file export did not take the line style of the layer into account.
33. The functional diagram editor has been revised.
34. Corrects an error when displaying the common properties of dimensions.
35. The renumbering of designations sometimes got stuck on a symbol
36. Catalog and user attributes with long texts are displayed in multiple lines in the properties dialog of the objects for a better overview. Additionally, the column widths of the table can be changed interactively.
37. When duplicating project folders, references to interruptions were not always set correctly.
38. Corrects an error in the DXF import.
39. Corrects an error when opening the function diagram.
40. The functional diagram editor can optionally display vertical column dividers.



Version 6.0n ( 01/23/2020


1. Version 6.0l caused an error while start-up if the classic menu option was enabled.

2. The usage of the attributes “symbol name” and “description” in the column selection of reports has improved.

3. Columns in the report dialog can be sorted by clicking on the column header and by context menu, respectively.

4. When editing reports, the dialog was sometimes not closed correctly.

5. An error when drawing horizontal conduction lines has been fixed.

6. If a file does not exist, it can be removed from the list of recently opened files.

7. An error when modifying the cell sizes of anchored reports and tables by mouse action has been rectified.

8. The Wibu CodeMeter drivers of version 7.x are supported.

Version 6.0m 01/17/2020


1. Fixes an error in connection with the creation of unplaced objects.

2. Static tables could not be edited with version 6.0l.

Version 6.0l 01/14/2020


1. Optionally, when creating a new project, a storage location can be selected again immediately.

2. For newly inserted texts, the input field gets the focus (instead of “Cancel”) so that the text can be entered directly.

3. A positioning error when aligning nested groups hat been corrected.

4. Attribute links could be lost if several projects with the same name were open.

5. As an option, you can specify whether a warning (introduced with version 6.0j) appears when opening a user library that is already being edited by another user.

6. A warning (which can be switched off) appears if the option to use obsolete valve terminal symbols is activated.

7. In the preview of the drawing frame editor some texts were not translated.

8. In some places in the reports the attributes were not displayed in the correct language.

9. Attribute “quantity” added in the column selection of the reports.

10. When inserting reports and tables the selection dialog appears first. Afterwards the list can be positioned by clicking.

11. An additional valve body is available for the configurable 5/n directional valves.

12. The list of a report’s included pages could sometimes get lost.

13. Some symbols are updated.

Version 6.0k 11/25/2019


1. When pasting from the clipboard, attribute link texts are set to the attributes of the newly pasted objects, if they are contained in the clipboard.

2. If several rows are selected in the column selection of an evaluation in the table with the currently selected columns and then these rows are moved downwards using the button to the right of the table, the order of the selected rows is now retained.

3. Contains optimizations for the location of global objects.

4. If FluidDraw has a subscription license, the license is automatically updated if the subscription is still valid and FluidDraw has an Internet connection. Without an Internet connection, it is possible to update the license manually using the ticket.

5. The supplied extract from the Festo Product Catalog has been updated.

Version 6.0j 11/05/2019

1. When switching an object from sub-object to main component, the label was sometimes not displayed correctly.
2. The translation of static tables when exporting was not performed correctly.
3. The tabs in the libraries and project/object windows did not always react correctly.
4. The last opened files sometimes did not work in the ribbon view.
5. The default button in the component properties dialog is “Cancel” to close the dialog more conveniently with the Enter key if no changes have been made. After clicking on “Search part number…” the “OK” button gets the focus.
6. When inserting from the product catalog or searching for a part number, the selection in the selection list can be moved up and down with the cursor keys while the input text field is active.
7. Speeds up the population of the result list in the “Insert from product catalog” dialog.
8.The parts list view contains the attributes “Description”, “Supplier”, “Part number” and “Type” as default.
9. When objects are scaled and rotated, the positions and orientations of the associated connection designations are retained.
10. In the dialog for the common properties of several selected objects, the rotation angle was not always correctly interpreted.
11. Prevents occasional freezing when resetting to default settings.
12. When drawing connection lines (interruptions) from a connector, the line was sometimes routed with a small offset.
13. When creating a new project, a file name does not have to be set immediately.
14. If a user library is opened that is already being edited by another user, a warning appears and the library is opened in read-only mode.
15. The designation of objects with detailed designation beginning with “?” are now incremented so that the designations are always unique.
16. When closing a project, the project whose sheet is in the foreground is selected in the project tree.
17. If an identcode cannot be resolved if the option “Insert legacy valve terminal symbols” is active, the new symbolism is automatically used instead.
18. Corrects a positioning error of the connection texts when scaling several objects by “Common properties”.
19. In reports, the “location” of a global object is represented by the enumeration of locations of all global object’s sub-objects.

Version 6.0i 09/19/2019

1. The project tree was sometimes not displayed correctly when the option “create unplaced objects” was enabled.
2. In the dialog “Multiple connection lines”, the maximum number of lines is now 500 instead of 16.
3. When renumbering cables, the maximum start value is now 999999999 instead of 100.
4. After editing a configurable way valve, hidden connector designations were sometimes shown again.
5. For valve labels linked to a valve solenoid, the corresponding valve’s designation can optionally be suppressed.
6. Some symbols added.

Version 6.0h 09/04/2019

1.In the Common Geometry Properties dialog you can specify whether the scaling and rotation should affect the individual objects or the outer groups and macros.
2.The description of symbols in a user library was sometimes not displayed correctly when reloading.
3.The Identcode expansion did not work correctly if a symbol in the user library had the same symbol name as a required standard part.
4.The filter criterion “Is virtual page” was not displayed correctly in the details of the evaluation for creating a table of contents.
5.In addition to the installation program, FluidDraw itself is now also digitally signed.
6.In the table of contents, the installation, circuit and location of the pages can be displayed.
7.After setting an interruption point or potential, the properties dialog opens automatically.
8.When printing and exporting, optionally only the selected pages are counted and saved in the predefined variable %TotalPages. This is mainly displayed in the drawing frame as the total number of project pages.
9.When exporting, the visible drawing layers can now be selected in the same way as when printing.
10.The export dialog can be resized for a better preview.
11.A new export feature is available for the PDF format. An overview page contains all selected project pages as thumbnails on one single sheet.
12.Page references in parts lists were sometimes lost when renaming the pages.
13.The supplied extract from the Festo Product Catalog has been updated.
14.The last opened user database and translation table are now saved even after the program restart.
15.The object browser was sometimes not updated correctly.
16.In the report editor, it could happen that columns cannot be edited.
17.The background update has been improved.
18.In the common properties dialog the bridge properties for electrical lines can be defined.
19.Fixes a display error in multi-page terminal diagrams.
20.The order of terminal positions of the assigned terminal strip is now retained when copying/pasting or duplicating the terminals.

FluidDraw P6.0g 06/05/2019

1. The identification of sub-symbols was not assembled correctly in some cases.
2. The display of predefined page variables of pages with non-unique description was not always correct.
3. If an open project is modified by another application, a question appears asking if the file should be reloaded. The project in progress is previously saved with the file extension ".bak".
4. Pneumatic and hydraulic T-distributors now have the "User-defined" designation rule instead of "Free input".
5. Renumbering projects sometimes did not work.
6. For modular products, regardless of the setting "Insert symbols with type attribute", the order code is always inserted as a text attribute.
7. In the properties dialog of several selected objects, the category "General" was not always available.
8. In the properties dialog of several selected T-distributors, interruptions/potentials and electrical connections, the possible selection of representations is restricted analogously.
9. When interactively changing the cell widths/heights in reports/tables the function is reversed while the Shift key is pressed; By default, the entire table size is changed instead of changing the neighboring cell.
10. When selecting a silencer or blanking plug in the properties dialog of several selected connectors, now it is possible to specify whether the associated terminator should appear in the parts list and the labels should be displayed.
11. The order code resolution now works non case sensitive.
12. Accelerates updating the project and object tree view.
13. Accelerates loading and saving projects with many unplaced objects.
14. For some projects, unused files "unplaced *.circ" were not deleted.
15. In the project window, a page preview is displayed as a tooltip. This can be switched off under "Options/Display".
16. The default file names or names of new project pages (noname*) are numbered consecutively, regardless of the page number.
17. Files with special national characters in the file name sometimes could not be opened.

 FluidDraw 6.0f 05/17/2019


1. The window list in the ribbon menu now contains a sheet preview.
2. The first time the program starts, the system language will be set
 (if available) for FluidDraw.
3. The ribbon menu can now also be scrolled with the mouse wheel when the cursor is on the ribbon menu elements.
4. Some valve terminals have not been assembled correctly.
5. When inserting components without a symbol, the associated text now has the labeling rule "User-defined" instead of "Free input" if a part number is assigned.
6. Fixes an error when cutting out grouped objects.
7. Prevents dialogs from being opened in invisible positions and the program seems frozen.
8. "Insert symbols with type attribute" works now again.
9. Fittings and silencers are now sub-objects of those components to which they are directly connected.
10. Grapchical representation of external supply for the configurable valves corrected.
11. Configurable valves extended by pilot exhaust air (with and without connection).
12. BOM view and BOMs from version 5 take into account the global objects.
13. The dialogs of the configurable valves and cylinders show descriptions of the function in the selection boxes and as a tooltip.
14. Silencers and blind plugs have by default the marking option "Hide common components".
15. Editing the labeling of child objects within an evaluation was sometimes not interpreted correctly.
16. For several selected objects, a submenu with a preview of the components will appear (as in the jumps to references), below this will be the individual entries for the online services.
17. With the selection "All objects" selected, elements within groups can be marked with a mouse click.
18. The zoom factor was not displayed correctly on high-DPI monitors.
19. Access to the Festo online shopping basket stopped working due to a server-side TLS changeover.
20. The level of the terminals can now optionally be displayed with the designation.
21. The terminal level can now be selected when inserting several terminals and in the common properties.
22. The order of the project folders can be changed in the project tree with drag & drop while holding down the Ctrl key. You can also move the selected sheet or folder one position up or down while holding down the Ctrl key and the "Cursor up / down" key.
23. When editing the "Description" within an evaluation, the changed value was sometimes not accepted.

FluidDraw 6.0e 04/05/2019


1. Selection of multiple objects with enabled selection „connectors“ was sometimes very slow.
2. Memory leak fixed.
3. The 30-day test version could sometimes not re-open saved files.
4. When exporting reports and tables, no additional separator is output at the end of the line.
5. In reports, the new properties "Object type" (object-type) and "Drawing layer" (drawing-layer) are available for evaluation and filtering.
6. In reports, the "Connector type" (connector-type) and the "Page" (page) are available for evaluation of connectors. The page is also available for conduction lines.
7. When evaluating connectors, now the outputted identification consists of the component identification and the connector identification. The individual identification of the connector is available via the new property "Connector identification" (connector-designation).
8. When the page of a component is displayed in an report, the complete designation consisting of sheet number and designation is now output.
9. An error has been fixed that sometimes the set value of a filter criterion was not accepted directly.

FluidDraw P6.0d 03/20/2019


1. When inserting potentials and interruptions, you can specify in advance whether an associated label is to be displayed.

2. Designation of potentials and interruptions now correctly react under "Selection" to "Component designation" instead of "Attribute texts".

3. Straight lines could sometimes not be selected.

4. The editing of parts lists and reports did not work for some characters assigned as keyboard shortcuts.

5. Some predefined standard shortcuts were not always executed correctly.

6. When importing version 4 circuit diagrams, mirrored circular arcs were sometimes not correctly displayed.

7. The ribbon now contains a list of currently open windows.

FluidDraw P6.0c 03/11/2019


1. Undo/Redo sometimes had no effect on cable and terminal strip assignments.

2. The symbol preview of „insert from Festo catalog“ was not always refreshed correctly.

3. Project templates were sometimes not treated correctly when added to „manage templates“ manually.

4. Designation rules as well as connector properties can be edited in the „common properties“ dialog.

5. Multiple connectors can be selected in order to edit their properties at the same time.

6. Supplied extract from the Festo Product Catalog has been updated.

7. New drawing frames can be created directly from within the management dialog.

8. Paper size is considered when distributing valve terminals to multiple pages.

9. New connector fitting is available for pneumatic connectors in addition to blind plugs and silencers.

10. Sometimes, unnecessary global objects were created when inserting objects from catalog.

11. Newly created custom title blocks could not be opened again.

12. Some template folder paths were not stored correctly.

Version 6.0b 02/21/2019

1. In the options dialog, the default font can be chosen from a drop-down list.
2. When resetting to defaults, the preview in the manage templates dialog did not work.
3. Terminal strips and cables were deleted from projects even if they were still referenced.
4. Fixes an error when editing several terminals in the common object properties dialog.

Version 6.0a 02/15/2019


1. Suppresses an error message regarding database access to the Festo catalog at program startup. 2. The ribbon menus (ribbons) can be customized by configuration dialog. 3. Custom menu shortcuts can be assigned to the menu commands. 4. The file verification of encrypted files did not work properly 5. Drawing frames that contain attribute names with certain special characters have not been saved correctly. 6. Prevents accidental overwriting of the supplied drawing frames. 7. When the context menu is opened by right-clicking, the underlying object is selected, if no other objects are already selected. 8. The selection of the default translation table in the options dialog now works correctly. 9. When inserting components from the Festo catalog, order codes can now also be entered manually. 10. Program texts for different languages corrected and added. 11. Changes in the template dialog were not applied if no file was selected. 12. The last project was loaded at program start even if FluidDraw had previously been closed without an open project. 13. When folding marks were switched on, the page division was incorrectly positioned. 14. The manual page division was sometimes not adopted if the drawing frame was changed in a parent node. 15. Fixes an error when exporting DXF polylines. 16. Version 5 custom drawing frames are displayed by default in the template dialog. In addition, frame files in CIRC format as well as any projects can be imported as drawing frames. 17. When inserting symbols into user libraries, the uniqueness of the symbol name is now checked. 18. When deleting or renaming symbols in user libraries, it is now checked if there is a reference in the corresponding user database. 19. Editing project templates from the managing dialog is now possible. 20. Parts lists that contain global objects were sometimes not updated. 21. Global objects of valve terminals or maintenance units were not automatically deleted when the sub-objects were deleted. 22. For the ident code expansion, the parent object was sometimes not set correctly. 23. The settings for warnings and automatic connection can now also be set for hydraulic connections. 24. In the options dialog, the preview windows for objects and pages in the object browser can be switched off. 25. Fixes an error in the context menu of the template dialog. 26. The default path for single files of version 5 can now be set in the options dialog. 27. Resetting the single-digit reference designation did not work. 28. Page attributes and predefined page-specific variables were sometimes not updated correctly. 29. Images in table cells are now behind the grid lines. 30. When converting a single Version 5 page to the new format, sometimes the original file did not close properly.

Version 6.0 vom 22.11.2018