Festo Automation Suite
Parameterisation, programming and maintenance of electronic devices by Festo

New Features:

  • PositioningDrives data import
  • Support for modular EtherCAT slaves in EtherCAT scan
  • EtherCAT slaves can be imported when importing a PLC from the device scan
  • Release notes for available and installed Plug-ins and Extensions
  • Connections in Designer now using colors for different connection types
  • Devices with identical IP address (path to the engineering interface) are tagged with a warning icon in Designer
  • Warnings for parameter pages are indicated in Plug-in navigators (similar to errors)

Fixed Bugs:

  • Misleading error message when trying to check for updates without Internet connection
  • Undocked windows cannot be moved when trying to drag certain areas of the window title bar
  • Context menu in Designer does not work correctly for multiple selections
  • Cursor cannot be set with the mouse when renaming a device

System Requirements:

  • Windows 7/10 (32/64 bit)
  • Screen resolution 1600x900 or higher recommended
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Festo Automation Suite