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Wastewater without microplastics and medications
Wastewater without microplastics and medications Automation of a cleaning stage for the removal of micro pollutants in the waste water treatment plant in Barntrup (Germany)
Animation: Aplicaciones de sobremesa con EXCM

pick and place, gluing, dosing, screwing, dispensing, testing

Perfect dispensing - bdtronic GmbH Video, 2016, 2.06 min, EN MP4 HD

Fully automated production line by bdtronic GmbH

Dispensing – bdtronic GmbH Video, 2015, 2.03 Min., DE with EN subtitle, MP4 HD

Compact handling system YXMx for the microdispenser mini-dis by bdtronic GmbH

High-speed T-Gantry: Extremly dynamic Pick-and-Place-System 2010; 1.31 min

New age in handling technology: Dynamics of a linear motor handling system with the costs of a toothed belt handling solution.

STAMA Maschinenfabrik GmbH Video, 2015, 2.38 min, EN, MP4 HD

Milling-turning centre made by STAMA Maschinenfabrik GmbH

DSBC in Action: 500 cylinders dancing synchronously Video, 2015, 3.22 min, MP4 HD

Accurate and extremely productive:

Less maintenance, increased output, more process reliability:

that is why NSM Magnettechnik GmbH counts on the standard cylinder DSBC.

Testen – PKC Electronics Video, 2014, 1.20 min, EN, MP4 HD

Test platform with planar surface gantry EXCM for PKC Electronics

Aplicaciones en Valensina Video, 2014, 2.25 min , ES MP4 HD
Prensa eléctrica Video, 2014, 1.30 min, ES MP4 HD

Máquina automática de prensado de cartuchos

Integrated Controller CPX-CEC A smart automation solution for drinking water treatment

Complete automated sandfiltration unit for maximum safety and reduced energy consumption – in case of emergency even without power supply.

VUVG la aplición 2011, 1.44 Min
Automation in Action Fluidic Muscle Applications

2.54 min. / 2003

Dynamic and flexible positioning with ready-to-install electric drive systems 2007; 5.43 min

Applications with High-Speed Module HSP-AE, linear drives DGE-SP

and electrical mini slide SLTE

Mechatronic Motion Solutions - Sytem Partnership in Automatic Test and Assembly Automation 2011, 1.47 min

Application and Statement

Safe, complete, individual Tubing and fittings 2008; 1.28 min
Safe connections with tubing and fittings from Festo.
Samples of applications plus information on customized bulk packs.
Parallel kinematic robot EXPT - Assembly of relay contacts 2009, 2.16 min
Mechatronic Motion Solutions: complete processing and dispensing luggage labels 2009; 1.20 min

Products: Linear motor axis ELGL, Sensors, Tripod, Grippers and vacuum

High-speed applications A compilation of various high-speed exhibition displays and applications<br/>6.41 min. / 2007
Fast cycle times with High-Speed Pneumatics
Application with speed-optimised pneumatics involving the production of furniture fittings, with examples of high-speed products
3.48 min. / 2006
Partner for the food & packaging industry

- Dessert production line
- Automatic pretzel twister
- Handling of cheese
- Production of jam
3.43 min. / 2003

Checkbox applications Checkbox, Compact, Sortbox, Identbox
6.00 min. / 2004
Electrical drives: High-volume production DNC 1.10 min. / 2004
Antrieb einer Tabstanze Anwendung Pneumatischer Muskel
0.43 min. / 2002
Positionierbar - Hebezeug/Manipulator in der Bauindustrie Anwendung Pneumatischer Muskel
0.35 min. / 2002
Kraftvoll- Zugaktuator im Palettengreifer Anwendung Pneumatischer Muskel
0.56 min. / 2002
Fluidic Muscle & Fast switching valve 1.21 min. / 2002
Fluided Muscle Applications 2 6.02 min / 2002
Your worldwide partner in
semiconductor industry
3.15 min. / 2003
Elektrische Antriebe: Klebeautomat
Electrical drives: Pasting machine
0.57 min. / 2004
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