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Animation: Aplicaciones de sobremesa con EXCM

pick and place, gluing, dosing, screwing, dispensing, testing

Perfect dispensing - bdtronic GmbH Video, 2016, 2.06 min, EN MP4 HD

Fully automated production line by bdtronic GmbH

Dispensing – bdtronic GmbH Video, 2015, 2.03 Min., DE with EN subtitle, MP4 HD

Compact handling system YXMx for the microdispenser mini-dis by bdtronic GmbH

High-speed T-Gantry: Extremly dynamic Pick-and-Place-System 2010; 1.31 min

New age in handling technology: Dynamics of a linear motor handling system with the costs of a toothed belt handling solution.

STAMA Maschinenfabrik GmbH Video, 2015, 2.38 min, EN, MP4 HD

Milling-turning centre made by STAMA Maschinenfabrik GmbH

DSBC in Action: 500 cylinders dancing synchronously Video, 2015, 3.22 min, MP4 HD

Accurate and extremely productive:

Less maintenance, increased output, more process reliability:

that is why NSM Magnettechnik GmbH counts on the standard cylinder DSBC.

Testen – PKC Electronics Video, 2014, 1.20 min, EN, MP4 HD

Test platform with planar surface gantry EXCM for PKC Electronics

Aplicaciones en Valensina Video, 2014, 2.25 min , ES MP4 HD
Prensa eléctrica Video, 2014, 1.30 min, ES MP4 HD

Máquina automática de prensado de cartuchos

Display Station handling of electronic and small workpieces 2013, EN, 3.00 min MP4
Integrated Controller CPX-CEC A smart automation solution for drinking water treatment

Complete automated sandfiltration unit for maximum safety and reduced energy consumption – in case of emergency even without power supply.

VUVG la aplición 2011, 1.44 Min
Automation in Action Fluidic Muscle Applications

2.54 min. / 2003

Dynamic and flexible positioning with ready-to-install electric drive systems 2007; 5.43 min

Applications with High-Speed Module HSP-AE, linear drives DGE-SP

and electrical mini slide SLTE

Mechatronic Motion Solutions - Sytem Partnership in Automatic Test and Assembly Automation 2011, 1.47 min

Application and Statement

Safe, complete, individual Tubing and fittings 2008; 1.28 min
Safe connections with tubing and fittings from Festo.
Samples of applications plus information on customized bulk packs.
Parallel kinematic robot EXPT - Assembly of relay contacts 2009, 2.16 min
Mechatronic Motion Solutions: complete processing and dispensing luggage labels 2009; 1.20 min

Products: Linear motor axis ELGL, Sensors, Tripod, Grippers and vacuum

High-speed applications A compilation of various high-speed exhibition displays and applications<br/>6.41 min. / 2007
Fast cycle times with High-Speed Pneumatics
Application with speed-optimised pneumatics involving the production of furniture fittings, with examples of high-speed products
3.48 min. / 2006
Partner for the food & packaging industry

- Dessert production line
- Automatic pretzel twister
- Handling of cheese
- Production of jam
3.43 min. / 2003

Checkbox applications Checkbox, Compact, Sortbox, Identbox
6.00 min. / 2004
Electrical drives: High-volume production DNC 1.10 min. / 2004
Antrieb einer Tabstanze Anwendung Pneumatischer Muskel
0.43 min. / 2002
Positionierbar - Hebezeug/Manipulator in der Bauindustrie Anwendung Pneumatischer Muskel
0.35 min. / 2002
Kraftvoll- Zugaktuator im Palettengreifer Anwendung Pneumatischer Muskel
0.56 min. / 2002
Fluidic Muscle & Fast switching valve 1.21 min. / 2002
Fluided Muscle Applications 2 6.02 min / 2002
Your worldwide partner in
semiconductor industry
3.15 min. / 2003
Elektrische Antriebe: Klebeautomat
Electrical drives: Pasting machine
0.57 min. / 2004
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