Qualification 4.0

Qualification 4.0

Successfully shaping the transformation
As global partner for training facilities, we design and implement spatial concepts for training centers.

As well as learning systems and training   programs, which systematically prepare people for working in dynamic and   complex environments.


Multifunctional training rooms with TecDesign
Individual – Flexible – Cost-efficient – Multifunctional

Our use of versatile furnishings allows us to quickly and easily adapt the spatial situation to suit the respective requirements. This flexibility also enables an expansion of the learning space  any time.


Digitalization in fluid engineering

Our training packages in pneumatics and hydraulics can be broadened with content from digitalization, such as fundamentals of digitalization, and network and safety technology, creating an ongoing familiarization with the transformation of tasks and knowledge in numerous traditional professions.


An extensive Industry 4.0 learning system – uniformly designed from the project workplace to the training factory
The cyber-physical systems of Festo Didactic encompass the new developments of networked production in Industry 4.0 and offer a modular Smart Factory system for teaching and research purposes. With the CP Lab, several project workstations form a realistic, industrial, circulating pallet system, providing further Industry 4.0 comprehension. Through its convertibility and expandability, the CP Lab represents numerous aspects of the Industry 4.0 value chain, such as networking, process planning, or Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). The CP Lab can be easily connected to the CP Factory via the mobile robot Robotino® and the deflector module.


The use of Virtual Reality (VR) with CIROS®, combined with its comprehensive simulation environment, does more than simply create a virtual image of the CP training factory and its modules. Using the VR glasses, workers can move around the factory, familiarizing themselves with the environment. The uniform, system approach enables the implementation of the virtual reality to link to MES, and with it also to an ERP (SAP4school), allowing learning to occur independent of the learning site.


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Digitalization in fluid engineering - TP 260 Trainingspackage TP 260 can be broadened with content from digitalization.
Multifunctional training rooms with TecDesign Individual – Flexible – Cost-efficient – Multifunctional